Donald Lim: Position the Philippines as Blockchain Capital of Asia

Lim shared that the Philippine Blockchain Week has two goals – provide Filipinos with tech skills and showcase the country as a global blockchain capital.

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Dr. Donald Lim, DITO Chief and Lead Convenor of Philippine Blockchain Week 2022, delivers the keynote address of the 7-day event, which is composed of three-day main conferences, side events, and a blockchain awards night to cap off the week.

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Donald Lim shared:

“Philippine Blockchain Week has two goals: to fortify Filipinos with cutting-edge skills and knowledge to be competitive on a global scale in industries of the future; and to showcase the Philippines as the “Blockchain Capital of Asia”. 

Also from Dr. Lim in another press release:

“We are looking forward to welcoming the world to the Philippines and to creating a premiere space for Filipinos to share strategic insights and knowledge for growing blockchain technology in the Philippines, and learn from these Web3 experts. The Philippines is predominantly Web2. Outside of the country, they are already on Web3. Filipinos are ready to be involved in the adoption and development of this innovative technology. This is a great opportunity to learn as we transition to blockchain technology.”

Photo for the Article - Donald Lim: Position the Philippines as Blockchain Capital of Asia
The blue pill and red pill. Donald Lim references the film “The Matrix”. According to him, taking either of the pills is like choosing the status quo or choosing the future.

Speakers at Philippine Blockchain Week include:

  • Sergej Kunz — co-founder of 1inch
  • Ian Utile — co-producer of NFT.NYC, CEO of ATTN.liv
  • Justin Sun — founder of Tron DAO
  • Erik LaPaglia — co-founder of Miami NFT Week
  • Chris Snook — co-host of The Web3 Show
  • Zeneca — founder of ZenAcademy
  • Jason Brink — president of blockchain at Gala Games
  • Sandra H. — co-founder of Metapolis
  • Anthony Francisco — creative director of Dolphin Entertainment
  • Aalia Lanius — president of Unsugarcoated Media
  • Lito Villanueva — chairman of Fintech Alliance.ph and EVP Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
  • Ida Tiongson — chairperson of Pru Life U.K. and a trustee of Fintech Alliance.ph
  • Wei Zhou — CEO of Coins.ph
  • Tryke Gutierrez — co-founder and CEO of Tier One Entertainment
  • Kevin Seo — co-founder of Food Fighters Universe
  • Jeff J. Hunter — founder of Crypto Gaming Team
  • Henry Aguda — senior EVP of Union Bank
  • Daniel Robbins — CEO of IBH Media
  • Kate Hancock — CEO of Metaverse XYZ
  • Moto Tani — CEO of Animoca Brands Japan
  • Charlie Shrem — Bitcoin pioneer, founding director of Bitcoin Foundation
  • Tobias Bauer — principal at Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Koby Karp — founder of Nefertiti
  • Tara Kwon – co-founder and CEO of Hyped Collective
  • Oscar Tan-Abing, Jr. — CEO of Anotoys Collective
  • Jay Ha — co-founder of IP3
  • Adam Twersky — director of Immersive Experiences at Lorr

The Philippine Blockchain Week is ongoing until December 2, 2022.

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