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GM Vietnam to Host Lunacian Sports League’s Guild Rush LAN Finals

Lunacian Sports League Partners with GM Vietnam

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Lunacian Sports League (LSL) partners with GM Vietnam to host the highly anticipated LSL Season 5: Guild Rush LAN Finals.
  • The LAN finals, scheduled for July 7, 2023, at GM Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, is expected to attract thousands of attendees and provide an immersive esports experience.
  • The event showcases the growth and excitement of LSL as the leading esports league for Axie Infinity, with a live online broadcast available in English, Tagalog, and Spanish.

The Lunacian Sports League (LSL), the pioneering esports league for Axie Infinity, has recently forged a partnership with one of Vietnam’s largest blockchain events, GM Vietnam. This collaboration designates GM Vietnam as the host for the highly anticipated LSL Season 5: Guild Rush LAN Finals.

Photo for the Article - GM Vietnam to Host Lunacian Sports League’s Guild Rush LAN Finals

LSL x GM Vietnam

With thousands of expected attendees, the eagerly awaited LSL Season 5: Guild Rush LAN Finals is scheduled to happen on July 7, 2023, on the GM Vietnam sub-stage. Spectators will have the unique opportunity to witness the exhilarating tournament firsthand at the event venue.

Photo for the Article - GM Vietnam to Host Lunacian Sports League’s Guild Rush LAN Finals
Joe Josue, CEO of

Metasports CEO Joe Josue shared his excitement for LSL’s inaugural LAN playoffs taking place at a prominent event like GM Vietnam, emphasizing Metasports’ dedication to elevating their IPs, including LSL. He also noted that LSL in GM Vietnam “is a great opportunity, and we’re honored to showcase LIVE esports action to event goers and viewers around the globe.”

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”As the longest-running Axie Infinity esports league, Lunacian Sports League brings a one-of-a-kind competitive atmosphere to GM Vietnam event. Together, we create exciting and engaging experiences for gamers and spectators alike, contributing to the growth and development of the GameFi ecosystem,” said Jenny Nguyen, the COO of Kyros Ventures, Coin68, and co-lead of GM Vietnam.

The event will be live at GM Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. Interested attendees may secure their tickets through the official GM Vietnam website or join the online audience as the tournament unfolds on Facebook and Twitch.

LSL Season 5: Guild Rush LAN Finals

The LSL has recently wrapped up its online qualifier tournaments and knockout stage, which determined the top eight players who will progress to the LAN Finals. 

With a substantial prize pool of approximately 7,500 AXS (around ₱2,874,750), out of the total 10,500 AXS (approximately ₱4,024,650) for the season, the LAN Finals is expected to witness an intense showdown between four players from the two brackets (East and West), all vying for the title of LSL Season 5: Guild Rush Champion. 

The LAN tournament will be broadcast live online, offering viewers the opportunity to watch the action unfold in English, Tagalog, and Spanish.

What is the Lunacian Sports League?

Presented by intellectual property (IP) house Metasports, the Lunacian Sports League (LSL) is the pioneering esports league dedicated to the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity. 

Initially introduced in February 2021 with an exclusive invitation for eight guilds, the league has expanded significantly, involving over 100+ play-to-earn guilds in its tournaments and leagues. 

LSL has spearheaded NFT esports experiences, featuring NFT trophies and league tickets, while also providing professional esports broadcast production and tournament operations support to other esports organizers in the industry.

It was formerly known as the Lunacian Scholarship League (LSL), renamed itself in early 2022 as the Lunacian Sports League, and revealed its new logo to cater to and welcome Axie Infinity players-scholars and non-scholars. 

What is GM Vietnam?

GM Vietnam is an upcoming blockchain event set to take place in Vietnam, which is recognized as the largest cryptocurrency-adopting nation globally. 

The event has a focus on establishing and expanding the network of global Web3 developments, which aims to provide opportunities for Web3 enthusiasts to gain knowledge and explore the potential of the crypto landscape in Vietnam. 

The organizers aspire to bring together participants from diverse backgrounds, including developers, builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and crypto enthusiasts, as well as individuals with no prior experience in the field, such as normies and students. GM Vietnam offers a lineup of 70+ speakers, 50+ exhibitors, and various side events. Anticipated to draw more than 2,500 attendees, the event is also projected to engage over 500,000 online participants.

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