LoyalCoin Added 3 New Merchants, a New Cryptopia Trading Pair, and More

LoyalCoin announced three new partner merchants, a newsletter for in-depth blockchain coverage, & a new Cryptopia trading pair.

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On its August 17, 2018 LoyalCoin update, the company announced three new partner merchants, a newsletter for in-depth information on blockchain industry, and a new Cryptopia trading pair.

LoyalCoin users can now earn and redeem LYL from these three new merchants:

  • Aramesh Spa & Wellness*
  • Daniño’s Wraps & Kebabs*
  • Curry King
    • 333.33 LYL → Singapore Chicken Curry
    • 333.33 LYL → Indian Jain Vegetarian Curry
    • 333.33 LYL → Malaysian Nyonya Assam Pedas Fish
    • 333.33 LYL → Thai Green Curry

*As of this writing, Aramesh Spa & Wellness is not yet included in the app while Daniño’s still have “Coming Soon” on its rewards.

The team is also pushing for cryptocurrency education and just recently launched Around the Block. It is a newsletter that will cover a more in-depth look at the blockchain industry. For interested individuals, you can send an email to info[at]appsolutely.ph to be a part of it.

Cryptopia recently launched a new trading pair for LoyalCoin. Loyalists and soon to be Loyalists can now get LYL via a new trading pair USDT/LYL or LYL/USDT. This is to add to the current BTC/LYL or LYL/BTC pairing.

Currently, LoyalCoin is available on Nemchange, Cryptopia, and Coinis (South Korean exchange).

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Recently, LoyalCoin also launched its LoyalWallet globally together with its airdrop and “refer a friend” program. The team was able to reach 22,731 downloads on both Android and iOS across 55 countries.

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A day before its LoyalWallet global launch, the loyalty platform also announced its partnership with 7-Eleven and ECPay. This allows its users to trade their Philippine fiat to LYL through ECPay outlets and 7-Eleven branches nationwide. Users can also cash in and cash out their LYL to fiat and vice versa by using True Money’s fintech services.

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LoyalCoin is a blockchain-powered loyalty rewards platform that aims to solve the problem of having multiple loyalty rewards cards and points. It unifies different merchants into the LoyalCoin ecosystem where LoyalCoins are used for rewards and also for purchases. LYL redeemed from different merchants can also be used on other participating merchants. This loyalty rewards platform is running on the NEM blockchain.

This article originally appeared at BitPinas.com on August 20, 2018.