Kandama Partners with Tetrix to produce NFTs as Proof-of-Ownership

Social enterprise Kandama announced its partnership with Tetrix to produce NFTs that will serve as proof of ownership.

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Social enterprise Kandama, which produces hand-loomed fabrics, has recently partnered with Filipino-led tech firm Tetrix to produce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will serve as proof of ownership and authenticity for the purchased garments of Kandama customers. The NFTs can be stored inside the digital wallet Pitaka.

“As a cultural and social enterprise that produces artisanal fashion products, it is important for us to be authentic, to tell the stories of how our garments are made, and to demonstrate our sustainable and ethical credentials,” Victor Mari C. Baguilat, Jr., Kandama founder and CEO, stated.

According to a media release, the enterprise will enter the metaverse and “harness blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity of their innovative designs that are made by the master weavers of Julongan village in Kiangan, Ifugao.”

Aside from verifying the authenticity, the NFTs will also provide other key details, including the background of the weavers, the fabric used, and ownership history.

“We are seeing that fashion could also benefit from Web3. Same with artworks, we can also bring Kandama’s beautiful fashion pieces into Metaverse,” Tetrix CEO and founder Emman Navalan shared

Moreover, Tetrix-powered crypto wallet Pitaka will be utilized for the settlement of transactions and will be the official carrier of the Kandama NFTs. 

On the other hand, the ownership of the digital Kandama garment will be transferred through the blockchain, making the design impossible to counterfeit. (Read more: Filipino-led Tetrix Network Launches ‘Pitaka’ Crypto Wallet)


“Enterprises like ours should leverage blockchain technology because it creates a unique digital identity for every product we make since its lifetime journey can be traced on the immutable blockchain from raw material to design and sale and then resale and recycling,” Baguilat added.

According to Kandama founder, he chose Tetrix to be Kandama’s blockchain partner because “their leadership has a powerful vision of helping us bring our advocacy of promoting indigenous arts and culture to greater heights.” 

“Tetrix empathizes with our needs as a cultural and social enterprise, and they have demonstrated their capacity and desire to co-create with us a brighter future for our indigenous communities,” Baguilat explained.

Kandama also noted how Web3 has taken over the fashion week season this year with global brands, such as luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, that have recently ventured into Web3 and blockchain.

Last August, Tetrix introduced Tetrix Link, a project that harnesses near-field communication (NFC) technology to digitize contact exchange in business networking. The digital business card was powered by the blockchain Tetrix Network and Pitaka crypto wallet. (Read more: Tetrix Launches Web3-Powered Business Cards)


What is Kandama?

Kandama is a renowned fashion collective that features the creations of master Filipino weavers to the world’s premiere fashion stages such as Likhang Pamana in Hong Kong, Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Paris Indigenous Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Their products include hand-woven bags, clothes, and modern accessories, such as the pieces once donned by beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach.

Photo for the Article - Kandama Partners with Tetrix to produce NFTs as Proof-of-Ownership

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