LoyalCoin Discusses US Expansion and “Loyalty Economy”

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The LoyalCoin team recently announced a new partner, a robust security team, a new ambassador program, and its New Loyalty Economy.

New Partner

A new partner just joined the LoyalCoin ecosystem, the Trampoline Park located in the Greenfield District. Additional information about how to redeem and receive LYL was not yet disclosed.

US Student Ambassador Program

Since the team is slowly expanding across the United States, it started a student ambassador program for US students. It aims to spread the Loyal Coin coalition in the US while also giving the students a chance to earn LYL.

Objectives of the Ambassadors:

  • Grow the LoyalCoin’s social media reach
  • Get mom and pop shops on board
  • Get universities to accept LoyalCoin
  • Host meetups
  • Write articles
  • Create videos

US students will earn LYL and the more they help the community the more LYL will be given. For interested US students, you can email student[at]loyalcoin.io for additional information.

New Loyalty Economy

The company’s COO, Mr. Paolo Bediones, stressed that the LoyalCoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. He said that the “cryptocurrency part is when it’s used as a medium of exchange” in what the company is building – the New Loyalty Economy.

The two big branches are the LoyalLiquidity and the LoyalSystem. These two consist of all the cryptocurrency exchanges where LYL is listed. These exchanges will then supply and also liquidate LoyalCoins to the company’s listed merchants and also be the place where users can obtain more loyalcoins.

For additional information about the New Loyalty Economy and its update, you can check the team’s August 31, 2018 update here.

LoyalCoin also shared on August 29 via its Telegram channel that its LoyalWallet, aside from getting additional security, and KYC will also have additional features. This includes a new Cash in and Cash Out feature. This is in addition to its Earn and Redeem feature. The company plans to release these functions to the wallet by October 2018.

LoyalCoin is a blockchain-powered loyalty rewards platform. It aims to disrupt the current rewards and loyalty program by putting the merchants in an ecosystem that uses LYL. The LYL earned can then be used to purchase other goods in its list of merchants, be traded to other cryptos, or have it withdrawn to fiat. It is running on the NEM blockchain.

This article is originally published on September 4, 2018.

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