Poketoshi is a New Way to Play Pokemon via the Bitcoin Lightning Network

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Developers are playing with the *Lightning Network by creating DApps (decentralized application) on bitcoin. One of it is Poketoshi, a new way to play Pokemon via Twitch.

*Lightning Network – a system built on top of the bitcoin that lets users send and receive payments faster with reduced transaction fees. This happens by keeping them off the main network.

Dating back to 2014, a new kind of gaming mixed with social experiment was created on Twitch. Viewers were allowed to control the outcome of a Pokemon video game via Twitch chat. The experiment got really popular that it gained 100,000 viewers and all of which are trying to control the game by inputting commands on the chat.

Since numerous viewers/players are trying to control “Ash”, the outcome gets interesting. In the original Twitch Plays Pokemon, the players were able to name Rattata JLVWNNOOOO and Charmander as AABBBBBBK.

After four years, a developer named João Almeida from Portugal created his own version of Twitch Plays by using bitcoin’s Lightning Network. It has the same concept of playing Pokemon on Twitch Plays but players can only command “Ash” by spending 10 Satoshis.

But to be fair, the BTC and Pokemon fans were able to name their character “Bitcoin” and its rival as “BCash”.

How does it work?

Players need to go to the official Poketoshi site: https://poketoshi.com/. They will see a familiar screen, most likely from a classic Pokemon game. Below the screen, a NES Controller is available to take commands as to where “Ash” needs to go or need to do. Press the buttons to command Ash and an info pop-up will follow. After inputting the commands, don’t forget to click on submit. By clicking submit, an address will pop-up to where you need to pay your Satoshis.

While the game isn’t getting enough traction as players choose to play for free on Twitch Plays, this innovation just shows the potential of the Lightning Network in a fun way.

Poketoshi: https://poketoshi.com/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/playpoketoshi

Source: CryptoSlate

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