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May 13, 2020 Updated

Loading your Beep Card via is the closest way you can pay for LRT/MRT fare with Bitcoin.

March 20, 2018 – Tired of waiting in line just to get your Beep card loaded? is introducing a new way to save your time and get on the train easier, with its new feature that lets you load your Beep card. (Note: Sign up for now!) has become more useful than just buying bitcoins and bills payment. and Beep

Gone are the days when you need to fall in line just to get your Beep card loaded or visit a branch partner to know that their system is offline and can’t accommodate loading.

You just need to download application in your NFC enabled Android phone and just follow the instructions on your screen and you’re done.

*NFC Enabled and Beep Compatible Phones

Again, sorry iOS users this feature is only for NFC enabled Android phones.

*NFC – Near Field Communication. This is the technology that lets communicate with your Beep card.

Check your Beep balance

All you need to do is enable your NFC and tap your Beep card at the back of your phone until your balance appears.

Depending on your connection, it may take a couple of seconds.

Load Beep Card using Bitcoin in

Some of you may like the idea of paying for LRT or MRT stored value card with bitcoin.

However, has clarified that directly topping up your Beep Card with is not possible at the moment. If you really want to do this, first, convert your bitcoins into pesos within the app. Now that your bitcoins are converted to cash, you can finally load your card.

Where Can I Use Beep Card?

In the past, you can only use the cards on the MRT and LRT. However, you can now use your Beep Card in many other things, such us in bus terminals, tollways, convenience stores, etc. Select bus lines now offer passengers to buy bus ticket with your Beep Payment Card.

  • Pay Bus Fare
    • HM Transport Airport Loop
    • BGC Bus
    • Citylink Coach Service
    • RRCG
    • P2P Bus Lines
    • (identify these buses via the Beep™ symbol on their widescreen)
  • Pay Toll Fees at CAVITEX / NLEX
  • Buy food and other items at Family Mart
  • Buy food and other items at Circle K
  • Buy food at Wendy’s
  • Buy movie tickets at Robinson’s Movie World

Beep E-Loading Stations

If in case you do not want or you can not load your Beep using, here are places where you can do that via Beep e-load station:

  • LRT 1 Stations
    • Roosevelt
    • Balintawak
    • Monumento
    • 5th Ave
    • R. Papa
    • Abad Santos
    • Blumentritt
    • Tayuman
    • Bambang
    • Doroteo Jose
    • Carriedo
    • Central Terminal
    • United Nations
    • Pedro Gil
    • Quirino
    • Vito Cruz
    • Gil Puya (Buendia)
    • Libertad
    • Baclaran
  • P2P Terminals
    • BGC Bus – Edsa-McKinley and Market Market
    • Citylink – Eastwood and Newport
    • RRCG – Alabang Town Center and Robinsons Antipolo
    • TAS – Glorietta 2 and Nuvali
    • DNS – UP Town Center
  • St. Jude School
  • Valero 2 Parking
  • Dela Rosa Car Park
  • PGIP Parking
  • EON UnionBank
  • BPI Insular
  • BPI Buendia
  • BPI Family Savings HO
  • 4F MSE Building

By the way, check out the following BSP-licensed companies where you can exchange fiat for Bitcoin:

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