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August 1, 2018 Updated

While there is still no direct way to load your Beep Card and pay for MRT/LRT with bitcoin, using is the closest as it can possibly be.

Tired of waiting in line just to get your Beep card loaded? is introducing a new way to save your time and get on the train easier, with its new feature that lets you load your Beep card. (Note: Sign up for now!) and Beep

Gone are the days when you need to fall in line just to get your Beep card loaded or visit a Beep partner to know that their system is offline and can’t accommodate loading.

You just need to download application in your NFC enabled Android phone and just follow the instructions on your screen and you’re done.

*NFC Enabled and Beep Compatible Phones

Again, sorry iOS users this feature is only for NFC enabled Android phones.

*NFC – Near Field Communication. This is the technology that lets communicate with your Beep card.

Check your Beep balance

There is also a way you to check your Beep Balance. All you need to do is enable your NFC and tap your Beep card at the back of your phone until your balance appears.

Depending on your connection, it may take a couple of seconds.

Load Beep Card using Bitcoin in

Some of you may like the idea of paying for LRT or MRT fare with bitcoin.

However, has clarified that directly topping up your Beep Card with is not possible at the moment. If you really want to do this, first, convert your bitcoins into pesos within the app. Now that your bitcoins are converted to cash, you can finally load your Beep card.


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