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Anime-inspired Pinoy NFT Kūsho to Begin Minting on March 18

Take a look at this Filipino-led anime-inspired NFT project called Kusho.

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Kūsho World, a Filipino-made and the first anime-inspired non-fungible token (NFT) collection, announced that it is set to launch and will start minting this upcoming March 18th. The project aims to make “great waves in promoting Filipino artistry and enriching the local community about the boundless potential of NFTs.”

Before the actual mint date, the developers of the project are conducting events for the community, fulfilling their mission to be “a platform for Filipino artists and Metaverse enthusiasts to share their passions and vitalize the arts and crypto.”

“The biggest utility is Kūsho being a platform in itself. Gusto namin na yung Kūsho ay vina-vitalize ang community, and vice versa.” — Yuann Acosta, Kūsho Founder

Kūsho founders, Yuann Acosta, Sachie Santiago, and Dexter Magaro, said in a statement that they think that in the “grand scheme of things, Filipino artists’ efforts and expressions are ‘undervalued’ so through NFTs, they believe that creators and consumers will garner high satisfaction from their transactions.”

“The creators of Kūsho are also firm on bringing NFT education to the local community; Kusho offers podcasts, webinars, and community discussions to give the community a headstart on their arts and Metaverse journey. “ – Kūsho

Photo for the Article - Anime-inspired Pinoy NFT Kūsho to Begin Minting on March 18

The project is currently in its first phase: accumulating community engagement, securing partnerships, and giving gradual previews of the actual minting platform. 

Moreover, following the launch and its second phase, the creators added that the community could look forward to the debut of Kūsho Verse: Army of Artists, a selection of artists within the community who will be behind Kūsho’s next collections. (Read More: Beginners Guide to NFT)

What is Kūsho?

Kūsho is a unique digital collection created by their diverse artists and drawn in a futuristic and anime-like art style inspired from Azuki and Divine Anarchy.  

Ownership of a Kūsho NFT will provide holders access to the Minka app, utilities sustained by the core team and collaborators, as well as perks from its partner merchants. The Kūsho community currently has 6,700 people in their Discord server  and more than 4,600 Twitter followers. 

According to their website, Kūsho aims to give the masses affordable NFTs that they will be able to enjoy and benefit from.

“It is our ultimate goal to give small-time NFT enthusiasts and beginners quality art and a platform that will inspire them to kick-start their NFT journey.” – Kusho

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