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Zyori Reminds Players That Axie Infinity was Built During the Bear Market

Photo for the Article - Zyori Reminds Players That Axie Infinity was Built During the Bear Market

By Nath Cajuday

“So, I think we really want to use those opportunities (bear markets) to try to educate people. I think we always want to push people to make smart financial decisions and smart investments. You should never take a loan or leverage credit to buy something that is very volatile or risky in nature. You should never put more into crypto than you can afford to lose because all of this is very experimental.”

This is the statement of Andrew “Zyori” Campbell, Sky Mavis’ Program Lead for ESports and Content Creators when asked about how the Axie Infinity team will handle bear markets in the future during the BitPinas Webcast last March 3, 2022.

Axie Infinity Bear Market - Zyori: Axie was Born During the Bear Market

“I think for us, when bear markets hit, it really becomes an opportunity for user education to try to carry people through their first bear market experience. I went through it multiple times. It is really scary. It’s hard to look at your investment and go, oh my gosh, I’m down 75%. What am I going to do?” Zyori stressed.

In addition, the program lead said that people, being more diligent and slower to act, is a good thing in a space that moves really fast, admitting that nothing can prevent bear markets completely.

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Zyori highlighted that the hardest part is separating emotions and logic in these ‘scary times.’ “And I don’t think there is anything that replaces that psychology and getting through that and seeing it recover and—um—just experiencing that and having to fight against your own psychology to buy high and sell low, it takes some discipline, it takes some practice. And no matter how much you read and how logical you are, you still have to go through that experience for the first time. It is very unique and highly emotional,”

Meanwhile, Zyori shared that true believers can be seen during bear markets, emphasizing that the blockchain game Axie Infinity itself was born in a bear market.

“Axie was created in a bear market. So, we feel comfortable there. We feel at home. In some ways, it’s easier to build in a bear market because the people you’re engaging with are the true believers,” — Zyori

However, they also shared that whenever bull markets come, a huge number of people come to try to make a quick profit that might not understand the fundamentals.

Zyori of Axie Infinity Interview about Axie Esports and Axie Origin - BitPinas Webcast 12

“I get a lot of messages from people saying like, ‘this is unfair. I bought this token thinking that it was a governance token and it would go up, but now that I see how your emissions work, I feel like this isn’t fair for me because I don’t play the game,’” Zyori added, sharing that there were people who bought Small Love Potions (SLPs) during the bull market without understanding that it is a game token with unlimited supply. “And if you pause for a moment, think about how ridiculous that is to be mad about a game omitting game tokens to the actual players of the game and how that’s unfair to speculators that don’t even play the game. That’s kind of the point. That’s sort of what the token is supposed to do.”

On the other hand, Zyori clarified that Axie Infinity is an “Alpha” by definition, and is focused on their product, not in any bear market chase.

“We don’t like to rush out products because your tokens are pumping or anything like that. I think to a large degree, our product cycle is our product cycle. We’re focused on quality and some things just take as long as they take to get right,” he explained.

Photo for the Article - Zyori Reminds Players That Axie Infinity was Built During the Bear Market

Zyori also clarified that things are still being implemented and changed in Axie Infinity, stating that it is a part of the rollercoaster journey.

“So, it’s really important that people remember all of these things and don’t get caught up in the FOMO of trying to chase a Bull market. So, we’re very slow and steady. I think a maximum that we get tossed around the office a lot is this is a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure you don’t burn out trying to sprint. We’re in this for the long haul. We’re building tools from the ground up and we can’t lose sight of that. So, when in doubt, we do tend to focus, uh, on quality and making sure something is exactly right rather than trying to hit an arbitrary deadline,” Zyori concluded.

BitPinas Webcast 12 – Intersection of Esports and NFT Gaming with Axie Infinity’s Zyori, is hosted by BitPinas’ Senior Editor Michael Mislos, and co-hosted by Chin Gandia, Associate Consultant of Emfarsis, Andrew Campbell, also known as Zyori, Sky Mavis Program Lead for Esports and Content Creators.

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