Filipinas NFT Kicks Off Second Collection on Mintoo

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Filipinas NFT, a women-led initiative, released its “Walang Katulad” on Mintoo, an NFT platform of PDAX.
  • Celebrating female creativity and their unique identities and stories, the collection features the works of Aya Abad, Agatha Art, Mariel Cruz, Jadie Lara, Julianne Ng, Meemoo, Taiga, Xiao, and Evie Yokai. 
  • As per BitPinas’ research, the floor price of the NFTs available is 8,000 PHPT while the ceiling price is 30,000 PHPT. 10% of the collection’s sales will go to their chosen charity, I Support The Girls Manila. 

Women-led initiative FilipinasNFT recently released its second collection called “Walang Katulad” on the newly launched non-fungible token (NFT) platform, Mintoo, of crypto exchange Philippine Digital Assets Exchange (PDAX). The collection features 10 female artists and their works that celebrate “female creativity and their unique identities and stories.”

“The new collection of Filipinas NFT: Walang Katulad is a beautiful representation of women going beyond the boundaries set by the world upon us. Each of the artists have given so much of their heart and talent into their pieces, and I find that so inspiring! I am happy that web3 platforms continue to champion and support our women and become an avenue for them to thrive in this space,” said Khat De Guzman, co-founder of Filipinas NFT.

The collection was released in late March, which is also in line with the celebration of Women’s Month. According to FilipinasNFT, 10% of the collection’s sales will go to their chosen charity, I Support The Girls Manila. 

The “Walang Katulad” Collection also presents the works of Aya Abad, Agatha Art, Mariel Cruz, Jadie Lara, Julianne Ng, Meemoo, Taiga, Xiao, and Evie Yokai. 


Aya Abad

Aya Abad is a visual artist focusing on art styles such as multiple perspectives, monochrome, and minimalism. The artist’s creations center around using a single color to illustrate ordinary settings that frequently showcase several viewpoints of felines in human-like situations and settings.

She released two artworks in the collection called “I’m Alone But I’m Not Afraid” and “I Cry But I’m Strong,” both are valued at 30,000 PHPT.

Aside from the digital art, buyers will also receive a 12×12-inch painting of the NFT. The shipping and handling fees will be shouldered by the asset owner.

Agatha Art

Agatha Art‘s art style mostly features female portraits in semi-realism. She prominently showcases the delicate anatomy of women, drawing attention to their unique style, which she highlights in her own illustrated card collection, The Archetype Playing Cards.

For the collection, she minted two digital portraits of women titled “On A Typical Day, Women.” One of which is already sold for 8,000 PHPT—the other is still available as of writing. Upon purchase, holders will also receive an animated version of this NFT. 

Mariel Cruz

Mariel Cruz’s art mostly depicts illustrations of cats in a contemporary folk art style on a variety of media including acrylic works such as paintings, murals, and digital and textile works. She uses the pen name “Mimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.”

In the “Walang Katulad” Collection, she released three NFTs called “New Doors,” “Purrfection,” and “Kind World.” Each cost 8,000 PHPT.

Jadie Lara

Jadie Lara is an artist and a crypto enthusiast. Her style leans on colorful doodle art. In addition to this NFT venture, Lara expressed her desire to explore an art career on web3.

“It’s a privilege and honor to be part of the listing at your platform with the WALANG KATULAD ART Collection of @FilipinasNFT,” she wrote in a tweet

She contributed two artworks for the collection titled “ Kapantay, Kapares, Kakaiba (KKK)” and “Sanglakas Pinay.” The KKK art is available for purchase for 13,000 PHPT, while Sanglakas Pinay is up for sale for 15,000 PHPT. 

Julianne Ng

Julianne Ng is a visual artist that usually involves systematic structures that include industrial elements, bold colors, refined lines, and defined geometric patterns in her works.

She was recently invited to exhibit her work at the Art Fair PH and CryptoArt PH’s art exhibit Clockwork.

Although she usually does paintings, she created a physical sculpture called “Not Everything Sugar is Sweet,” which is a cupcake-like structure with human fingers on top for her “Walang Katulad” entry. According to Ng, the “work itself in a form of dessert entices you to touch what is not allowed without consent.”

It is currently sold for 20,000 PHPT. The buyer for her NFT will also receive the actual set.


Lyka Orfano, or Meemoo, is an NFT artist that has been active in the space since the recent bull market. She is the owner and founder of the NFT project Meemoo World,  a 1/1 profile picture (PFP) collection of a humanoid cat.

She minted two artworks for the collection. “Stay Soft” and “Bloom” are on sale for 8,000 PHPT each.


Mikaela, or Taiga, is an artist who creates variations of semi-realistic portraits; mostly, her character design and concept art employs a style of mixed anime and realism.

She was also included in the roster of artists featured in FilipinasNFT’s first collection, “Abante Babae,” where Taiga sold her art, called “Sinag,” for 160 MATIC (around ₱9,600).

Taiga minted two artworks, “Gandang Walang Katulad” and “Kaya Rin Namin,” both of which cost 15,000 PHPT.


Xiao is a traditional and digital freelance artist who is currently exploring web3. Apart from her FilipinasNFT venture, she is also the featured artist behind other NFT projects. 

She also has two NFT works in the collection. One is called “The New Era Preacher” and the other is “Breadwinner.” They are still up for sale for 8,000 PHPT on Mintoo.

Evie Yokai

Eve Yokai is a digital illustrator and an NFT artist. She owns the NFT project, “Project Yokai,” and also has worked on other collections. Most of her illustrations feature a smokey ambiance, and a saturated background, and are rendered in “brush” textures.

She was also included in the “Abante Babae” collection.

Her first NFT for the collection is called “Balat-Kayo”. The second one is called “The Fight for Freedom, a tribute to Filipino journalist and founder of news website Rappler, Maria Ressa. The two are priced at 20,000 PHPT.

How to purchase NFTs in Mintoo?

  • Step 1: Open the app or the website. 
  • Step 2: Tap on “Collectibles,” and it will redirect you to Mintoo. 
  • Step 3: View the collections available. Select which collectible you wish to purchase and tap “Buy.”
  • Step 4: Review your PHPT balance and the price details and tap “Next.”
  • Step 5: Tap “Buy” to confirm your purchase order. 
  • Step 6: You can tap “Go to Transaction History” to view the status of your order. 
  • Step 7: Once your order is successful, you can now view your collectibles in your Mintoo account. 

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