Filipino Cartoonist Pol Medina Enters the NFT Industry

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Last 1 March, NFT project Ark of Dreams (AoD) released a video of Pol Medina Jr., announcing his entry into the NFT community. 

Pol Medina is an architect by profession known for creating Pugad Baboy, the iconic comic strip published in Inquirer and other newspapers. He started drawing as a child and as he grew older, he worked abroad as an overseas worker (OFW). After coming back to the Philippines, he decided to pursue his passion to draw caricatures.

Pugad Baboy (meaning: swine’s nest) is Pol Medina Jr.’s comics strips that portray a community of chubby Manileños. The comics not only showcase a Manileño’s domestic life; sometimes, it has stories of adventure, drama, and spoof. One of the main characters is Pulgas, an aspin (stray dog) who can talk to other characters in the strip and in some occasions acts as a secret agent with flee guns as his weapon. Pugad Baboy was originally published on 18 May 1988 in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, a newspaper in the Philippines.

The comic strip had its live-action television series on GMA 7 and its own merchandise such as T-shirts and action figures.

Ark of Dreams partnered with Pol Medina Jr. to have his life’s work transformed into NFTs. Most of the NFTs are book covers of Pugad Baboy and some of Pol’s artwork. The proceeds of the sale will aid small business establishments that were affected by the pandemic. The public minting will be launched on March 21st of this year. Aside from the NFT, NFT holders will receive a copy of the latest book, Pugad Baboy 32, and possibly copies of Pol’s original artwork. (Read: Beginners Guide to NFTs)

The Ark of Dreams is a unique, decentralized and immersive open world game that links the Metaverse to the Real World through blockchain technology and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). AoD merges the gaming metaverse with the real world. It incorporates online shopping, NFTs, online activities, social events, gaming, virtual world exploration and activities linked to well-loved brands and icons.

Pol said on Twitter Space last 9 March, he will invite his artist friends to enter the NFT space and share their work to the next generations to come. This could be the start for more traditional artists to enter the NFT industry.

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[…] This article is published on BitPinas: Filipino Cartoonist Pol Medina Enters the NFT Industry […]

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