Trader Organization IMPACT Conduct Crypto Education Initiatives in Bohol

Learn about IMPACT’s educational initiative in Bohol, where over 1000 students gained insights into blockchain and web3 technologies through the CrypTalk caravan.

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  • IMPACT organized the CrypTalk education caravan in Bohol to educate over 1000 students about blockchain fundamentals and Web3 technologies.
  • Speakers at the event included Nelson Lumbres and Melissa Mesias from ICP Hub Philippines, Steve Jimenez from IMPACT, and a representative from the Gensokishi project.
  • DICT Bohol Provincial Officer Victor Magallanes highlighted the importance of such educational caravans in fostering understanding of emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, emphasizing the need for accessible information in enhancing digital literacy.

The Innovative Movement of the Philippine Association of Crypto Traders (IMPACT) brought its CrypTalk education caravan to Bohol to educate students about blockchain fundamentals, essential for understanding cryptocurrencies. 

IMPACT in Bohol

The caravan was held at Bohol Northern Star College and the University of Bohol, where it drew in more than 1000 students from diverse academic backgrounds such as computer science, information technology, business, and accountancy offering valuable insights into web3 technologies, the release stated.

The speakers at the Cryptalk caravan are Nelson Lumbres, Co-founder of ICP Hub Philippines, and Melissa Mesias, the Operations Lead of ICP Hub Philippines. The event also included presentations from Steve Jimenez, a Co-founder of IMPACT and the Zkex Community Manager, as well as a representative from the Gensokishi project.

“Limited familiarity with blockchain and cryptocurrency encourages individuals to participate in this kind of activity and gain insights from distinguished speakers from the field. I believe this education caravan presents an invaluable opportunity for individuals like myself to gain a better or deeper understanding of these evolving technologies.”

Victor Magallanes, Provincial Officer, DICT Bohol

“The enthusiastic participation of students and engagement we witnessed throughout the CrypTalk caravan reaffirm our belief in the importance of proactive education on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3,”  IMPACT founding chairman and CEO of Global Miranda Miner Group Arlone “Coach Miranda Miner” Abello said in a statement.

He also noted that he believes that integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain into the education curriculum can equip students with valuable skills for future careers.

Further, the media release emphasized that IMPACT’s strategy emphasizes grassroots-level education, seeking to increase awareness among students and the wider community about the possibilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Through initiatives like CrypTalk, they aim to empower individuals with knowledge and insights, envisioning a future where digital finance is accessible and understandable to everyone.

What is IMPACT and Cryptalk?

Established in October last year, IMPACT educates about cryptocurrencies and promotes ethical behavior in the crypto space. Through partnerships and initiatives like “Cryptalk,” it empowers individuals to navigate the digital economy confidently and avoid scams. With a diverse team, IMPACT aims to contribute to financial literacy and ensure a safe trading environment.

“The CrypTalk caravan represents a pivotal step toward building a more inclusive and informed community for digital finance in the Philippines,” the statement read.

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