Filipino NFT: The Bulldog Society

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The Bulldog Society was spearheaded by Vernon Manahan (“Vern”), a college student and artist who developed the coding, art generation, smart contract, and minting of the NFT project solely by himself. As an artist, Vern did commissions prior to creating The Bulldog Society; his curiosity and research on NFTs brought him the idea of creating his own NFT project.

“The reason I joined the NFT world was because everything about the space is intriguing”, Vern shared, “NFTs give a lot of potential not only for artists, but also for the people who support all different kinds of projects. I was intrigued by how a piece of JPEG can give so many benefits to a person who bought it.”

The Bulldog Society

Seeing the potential of how one NFT art can be intriguing, Vern started researching on NFTs and came across some projects that further inspired him to start the project.

“I came up with the idea of our project while I was researching well-known NFT collections, specifically an NFT collection named “The Doge Pound“, which aims to help dogs who are out in the streets and they are currently building the largest dog rescue shelter in East Africa. I was very inspired by the goal of the project because I, myself, am a dog lover. I wanted to replicate (the project) and do this for my community, and soon the whole country. I also wanted NFTs to be mainstream here in our country, to be more well-known and reachable by the people. The Bulldog Society’s name came from my dog, named LeBron. He is a 3-year-old English Bulldog, so I thought that what better way to pay tribute to one of my loved ones than turning him into art,” Vern stated as he shared the reason behind the creation of The Bulldog Society.

The Bulldog Society

Despite the inspiration, Vern also shared the challenges as he faced when he learned to code for the NFT project. “There are numerous challenges that I have faced while creating my project. First, I needed to learn a bit about everything, coding, managing, organizing, and many more. The coding part was one of the hardest since I didn’t have any background in it. But once everything clicked and everything was in place, It was a good feeling to say that you created an NFT collection by yourself successfully. Currently, (the) challenge I’m facing is the promotion and gathering of members for our community. I am currently handling this challenge by forming partnerships, organizing events, collaborations with other artists, and holding giveaways to gain traction for our project”, shared Vern.

Vern was able to make a sale from another project that he collaborated with which encouraged him to build up his own community first before making the collection available for the community to purchase.

Vern shared their story, “My first sale was earlier this day, I was able to sell my first 1/1 edition. It was a collaboration with another NFT project named, “The Muffoys“. I haven’t launched my public sale yet since I wanted to gain more people and members in our community. My first sale was a really exhilarating experience, I was very happy that people took interest in my art. Selling NFTs is very different from doing commissions for people, NFTs are your own art, a piece of art that was made in your mind, not what other people wanted, so yeah, I’d say it was a very different feeling from selling commissions… No matter what bad or good things happen, my goal and focus for the project won’t change, I will always be on my top game when talking about our project. This first collection, “The Bulldog Society”, is a stepping stone to more future collections, it will be used to fund future projects to make it better with more utilities and benefits to the holders.”

“Expect quite a lot from our project,” Vern added, “Recently we did a One Day Mini Valorant Tournament, which was very successful and was able to gain much traction and interaction for our community. For future events, we have quite some lined up, but you’ll have to wait and see as I don’t want to spoil you with the exciting plans we have. We aim to help animals while giving holders benefits from their NFTs, this will be reached once the collection is successful because as I’ve said we will be hiring developers and marketing teams to help us in the long run.”

The Bulldog Society can be found on Twitter, Opensea, and Facebook. Its Discord server is also open for those who are interested to be part of the community. The Bulldog Society will be minting this coming March 15, 2022.

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