Paras NFT Minting Guide on the Near Blockchain

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BitPinas’ article on How to Make Your Own NFTs gives a general view and guide on creating NFTs. This article will guide the NFT creator and enthusiast on how to mint, buy and sell NFTs on Paras.

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Paras is an NFT marketplace where NFTs are bought and sold. It uses NEAR as its main cryptocurrency for all transactions. It supports two wallets: NEAR wallet and Sender wallet. For first time users of NEAR wallets, 0.1 NEAR is required to be deposited to the wallet to be able to use it. First time users can send NEAR via Binance. Around 0.2 NEAR is enough to be sent to the new wallet.

Logging In

Click on Login found on the upper right corner of the site.

The site will require the user to login using either NEAR wallet or Sender wallet. Once logged in, the Login portion will become the profile avatar of the user.

For mobile users, only a NEAR wallet can be used to login.

For first time artists, it is required to be verified by Paras before creating collections and minting cards. Verification may require artists to input their social media accounts.

Minting NFT

Under Profile, click Create Card.

If there is no collection, the artist is required to create one.

The details that need to be filled out on the form are the following: Logo, Banner, Name, Description, Website, Twitter username and Discord username.

After submitting the information, the artist is required to upload their image or video. It requires a maximum of 30 MB in size.

After uploading the file, create the name of the card, description and number of copies. Adding attributes for generated NFTs.

Next is to enter the artist’s account ID from their NEAR wallet and the Royalty. As of Philippine Law, 10% is required for an artist’s royalty.

Afterwards, it will give a breakdown of the price setup. Proceed to clicking Create if you are satisfied with the detail. By creating the card, it makes the card live on the marketplace. It is important to remember that minting fees will apply.

There is an option to share it on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How to Buy NFT on Paras

Click Market.

Select the desired card to check its details. The card will flip to show the information about the card.

Click on Buy Now. A pop-up will appear to show the breakdown of the price and fees. Confirm on the NEAR wallet to proceed with the transaction.

How to Sell NFT on Paras

Go to My Profile.

Under Collectibles or Creation, the sellers need to select the card they desire to sell.

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