PDAX Partners with NFT Bored Punks of Society

Filipino NFT Project Bored Punks of Society holders will be able to have discounts as well as access to beta test in PDAX.

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By Shiela Bertillo

Philippine-based cryptocurrency exchange Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX) has become an exclusive partner of the Filipino-led non-fungible token (NFT) collection Bored Punks of Society (BPOS).

“This is in pursuit of educating and onboarding Filipinos on cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and financial literacy with BPOS and PDAX,” BPOS wrote in a tweet.

Through this collaboration, BPOS owners will get up to 100 pesos-worth of cryptocurrency upon sign-up that they could use to kickstart their crypto journey. The BPOS holders will also have early access and an exclusive access to closed beta testing.

Moreover, Nix Eniego, the Assistant Vice President for Marketing of PDAX, stated that the cryptocurrency exchange will also be supporting BPOS through doing a special giveaway of Bored Punks, which will happen this early February.

“We are very supportive of local projects that have a great vision and mission, and we feel that our thoughts and visions align well with BPOS,” he added.

PDAX AVP also recently changed his twitter profile picture to his own Bored Punk NFT.

What is Bored Punks of Society?

According to its website, BPOS is a “premier Filipino NFT social club paving the way for crypto and NFT adoption, bringing awareness to our grand vision on educating and onboarding people, and bridging the gap to financial literacy in the Philippines.”

“Our main goal is to educate and welcome people to the beauty of cryptocurrencies, metaverse, and investing through our weekly community discussions, unlimited reliable resources, and educational podcasts with certified financial advisors, Bored Punk educators, and influential people in the space,” they wrote in their website.

Currently, Bored Punks of Society has more that 16,500 members with more than 2,900 NFTs minted.

In a tweet, Bored Punks Society revealed Miss Earth Philippines 2020 Roxie Baeyensthat is one of their latest BPOS NFT holders

Play-to-earn Axie Infinity’s Program Lead, Esports and Content Creator Andrew Campbell, stated that they also purchased a BPOS NFT recently.

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