Four Crazy Things People Do to Get Whitelisted on NFT Projects

From getting a tattoo to singing on the Discord voice chats, here are some crazy things people do just to get whitelisted for NFT projects.

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A common way for NFT projects to get attention is to promote the benefits of whitelist to people interested in such.When a person is whitelisted in an NFT project, they would be one of the first people who may mint or buy the project’s NFTs.

Most “whitelist mechanics” include “becoming a valuable member of the community”, which often means being active on the project’s Discord server. “Becoming a valuable member,” however, is up for interpretation, so in this article, we feature some of the ridiculous things people do just to get whitelisted.

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1) Sending Thousands of Simple Messages on Discord

“Have you eaten yet?”

“What food are you and your family having?”

“GM, GN!”

These are a few of the many phrases sent on Discord servers by members of a project’s community to rank up its “social leaderboards” (a system powered by code that tracks activity) and gain the attention of the project’s team. These phrases are usually conversation starters—friendly questions that are easy to answer. Eventually, stringing these phrases creates a trend of conversations from the community, turning one message into a thousand—all just to climb on top of the leaderboard.

2) Singing on the Discord Voice Chat

Some members also lounge at the Discord’s voice channels to create karaoke nights and sing their hearts out just to get noticed. Many stream YouTube Karaoke videos to accompany them as they sing and, if the core team is satisfied, they get rewarded for their efforts.

Photo for the Article - Four Crazy Things People Do to Get Whitelisted on NFT Projects

3) Replying to each and every post of the NFT project on Social Media

It is also common for community members to spam their LFG (Let’s F’ing Go) comments on the project’s social media, like Twitter, TikTok or Facebook to showcase their effort in boosting the algorithm of the post.

4) Tattooing the NFT project’s logo

Another extreme (but very real) strategy people do to get whitelisted is tattooing their desired avatars just to get noticed by the team.

Photo for the Article - Four Crazy Things People Do to Get Whitelisted on NFT Projects

Are these tactics working to get whitelisted? 

Despite sending a lot of chat messages on Discord, singing your heart out, Tiktok videos or even going an extra mile to have tattoos of NFT projects… the reality is that there is no one can get whitelisted. 

There will definitely be other crazy stuff that community members have done for their respective projects that were not mentioned in this article. 

Regardless, if a member gets whitelisted or not, at the end of the day it is the community that helps sustain the project they believe in. According to Miggy Azurin, “I believe that the next few years will generate more economic opportunities for Filipinos. NFT projects will be employing community managers, devs, artists, social media managers, etc. We have enough talent here to fill those needs. Projects will also work to appeal to customers here given current adaptation of crypto / NFTs here. P2E games will continue seeing interest for as long as players are able to earn a decent amount playing a game. Overall, this will be a net positive for us.” 

Looking at the other opportunities available, aside from being whitelisted, community members can truly add value to the project by having their own part in its success. It will be a win-win for all community members if they take part in building up the community.

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