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Gaming Chain Immutable X Hints ‘Biggest Airdrop of the Year’

Photo for the Article - Gaming Chain Immutable X Hints ‘Biggest Airdrop of the Year’

Immutable, the developer of the blockchain gaming-focused network Immutable X, hinted that the year’s biggest airdrop might occur within its ecosystem, check out this article to learn more.

Immutable Introduction

Immutable ( is the developer of Immutable X, Immutable zkEVM, Passport, and Checkout, while also offering various NFT tools, SDKs, a Developer Hub, and Blockchain Data APIs.

It is the publisher of well-known NFT projects such as Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

The firm aims to support both the blockchain gaming and NFT industries. According to its whitepaper, Immutable X is designed as a Layer 2 (L2) solution for NFTs on Ethereum, featuring instant trading, significant scalability, and no gas fees for minting and trading, without compromising security.

Currently, Immutable X hosts a marketplace focused on game assets (

Immutable X and Other Products

Photo for the Article - Gaming Chain Immutable X Hints ‘Biggest Airdrop of the Year’
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Immutable X enables developers to create NFT-based projects, including blockchain games, on top of its protocol. Immutable believes that NFT users and developers should not have to choose between Ethereum’s security and a superior user experience.

Other flagship products include Immutable Orderbook, which increases revenue and liquidity by sharing NFT orders across marketplaces (, and Immutable Mint, which allows web3 games to issue carbon-neutral NFTs (

Immutable also provides SDKs, a developer hub, and blockchain data APIs to assist developers.

Immutable Passport, a non-custodial wallet and authentication solution, aims to simplify user onboarding with passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation, potentially unlocking a global seamless orderbook to enhance digital asset trading (

List of Noteworthy Games on Immutable

Immutable Airdrop Guide

There are numerous projects being built on Immutable that could have an airdrop soon, Pixelmon (points announced), Treeverse, and Space Nation.

How to Get Started with Airdrop Farming on Immutable

Below are some of the tasks that could possibly allow the player to earn points for potential airdrops:

  1. Create a Passport: 
  2. Play the Gems Game everyday
  3. Bridge funds.:
  4. Trade on an exchange:
  5. Play games on Immutable zkEVM

Specific Activities For Airdrop Farming on Immutable

  1. Create a Passport Wallet: Set up your account at Passport.
  2. Bridge Funds: Ensure to bridge at least $100 for certainty through:
  3. Daily Activities on Immutable zkEVM: Engage with the platform at least once daily.
  4. Liquidity Provision (LP) on Gamma: Check out opportunities at Gamma.
  5. Cryptocurrency Trading: Participate in trading on exchanges such as:
    • QuickSwap
    • WarpGate (Note: Features include a leaderboard and airdrop opportunities)
  6. Explore ERC-20 Launchpads:
  7. View LP Rewards: Monitor active and future LP rewards on Merkl.
  8. Trade NFTs:
  9. Gaming on Immutable zkEVM: Play games daily, such as:
  10. Referral Program: Encourage friends to sign up for Passport to potentially gain additional rewards.

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