What is BulletPunk: BITWARS NFT

Get to know BulletPunk: BITWARS, the NFT project of Filipino toy designer Janito “Quiccs” Marquez.

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Bulletpunk: BITWARS, created by a Filipino toy designer and visual artist, Janito “Quiccs” Marquez created these six characters: Ghost of Kurousawa, Mariko, Sharko, Zeta, TEQ63 and Ukami and made them into game characters developed by Open Dive, an American game developer. These characters are inspired by Japanese robots and samurais that the artist is fond of.

Each character has three random passive characteristics and are listed on their whitepaper.

These NFT characters have 5 additional traits: Background, Aura, Headwear, Drone and State (Idle, Block, First Attack, Second Attack, Battle and Teleport). (Read More: What is Magic Eden Solana Marketplace? How to Sell, Mint, and Fees Guide)

Each character has 4 legendary types: Zero, White Prototype, Gray Prototype and Gold Chrome. These legendary NFTs will have a huge advantage to the game because of additional 10 points to all stats and cherry picked passive traits making it a “legendary stats”.

While more updates on the project are yet to be heard from the team, anyone into samurais, swords, and toy-like designs are bound to enjoy the thrill of Bulletpunk: BITWARS.

NFT's in the game world with 'BULLETPUNK: Bitwars' | The Final Word

Public sale began Last March 27, where each NFT sold for 1 Solana (SOL). Having a total supply of 6,666 NFTs. The trailer gives an arcade vibe because of the soundtrack and visual effects bringing a retro game to life. (Read More: OpenSea Welcomes Solana NFTs)

To be able to mint, go to phygital.bitwars.com and connect a Solana based wallet like Phantom, to be able to mint the Bitwar NFT character. The secondary market is found at magiceden.io/marketplace/bitwar.

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