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Kookoo Crypto TV Partners with Nas Academy to Teach Axie Infinity Gaming Strategies

Photo for the Article - Kookoo Crypto TV Partners with Nas Academy to Teach Axie Infinity Gaming Strategies

By Shiela Bertillo

Kookoo Crypto TV, arguably the most popular content creator of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, announced his partnership with Nas Academy, an online education platform. The collaboration will give avenue for Kookoo to teach other players gaming strategies when playing play-to-earn game Axie Infinity.

“Play-to-earn gaming can actually help you make money just from playing a fun video game. If you’re interested in gaming, or earning crypto, Axie Infinity is a great place to do it. As I partner with Nas Academy in sharing knowledge through technology, I want to help gamers master the game and win more! And better yet: join a new community of people from all around the blockchain gaming world,” Kookoo wrote in a Facebook post.

Kookoo’s class with Nas Academy will last for 7 days with 2 hours in each session. Axie Infinity players with skill level of Beginner to Intermediate or just People who want to start or improve their gameplay are invited to join. The first class will be on February 27 and the graduation would be on March 5th.

“I made this course with Nas Academy because I want to reach out to more people internationally and help them get started. In this course, we organized the step-by-step knowledge you will need to get better and start winning in Axie Infinity. Best of all, you can learn and practice with me and your friends,” Kookoo said in his Nas Academy profile.

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The classes with Kookoo promise to teach topics such as the Crypto Ecosystem, How Play-to-Earn works, Axie Infinity 101, Gameplay Strategy, Pro Tips and Tricks, and Business of Axie Infinity. 

“Kookoo is a true missionary that understands the ins and outs of the Axie ecosystem. He’s a great leader, mentor, and teacher for anyone looking to get started with their Web3 journey,” stated Jeffrey Zirlin, widely known as Jihoz, Co-founder of Axie Infinity, in Nas Academy’s website.

Moreover, Kookoo will also offer special guild discounts “in support of scholar managers and Axie Infinity Guilds.” Bulk buy discounts will be available for guilds who “want to use this as part of their training.”

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