How to Play MetaGods – Beginner’s Guide

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MetaGods have just released its alpha version of the game. MetaGods is a role-playing game (RPG) built on the Binance Smart chain network. Players can play the game by entering their email address and connecting their Binance network-based wallet. The game is still in development but the alpha version can give games a glimpse of its potential.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The goal of the article is to serve as a guide to gamers and investors interested in the featured blockchain game. Practice due diligence before investing in the game. The information in the article may change over time due to updates in the game.

Creating a MetaGods Account

The player needs to go to the official website of MetaGods to be able to register his email and crypto wallet. A pop-up window will appear to register the player’s email address.

After entering the player’s email and CAPTCHA, the next screen will require the user to connect their crypto wallet and switch to the Binance Smart chain Network. After connecting, it will proceed to a browser-based platform of the game.

As the player starts, W, A, S and D are used as directional movement as up, left, down and right, respectively, and left click of the mouse to attack the enemies. Q to use the cake. R as the ultimate attack.

After defeating Medusa, the game will require the player to select an avatar.

When Buy Your Own Character is selected, it will go to another window to connect the player’s crypto to be able to purchase an avatar.

If the player decides not to purchase they can just proceed to the game by clicking on the play button, the avatar has limited capabilities within the Game Lobby or the town of Ambrosia.


Players must own a non-fungible token (NFT) character to play the game. MetaGods has two game modes: Hardcore Mode and Casual Mode.

Hardcore Mode

The game world of MetaGods is made up of 35 Dungeons. Each Dungeon is governed by a Boss: Zeus, Poseidon or Medusa. Players can select any Dungeon and the objective is to defeat all the monsters and the Boss within the Dungeon.

Each Dungeon has a certain difficulty level. High leveled Dungeons yield greater rewards. 

Players can either play solo or in the form of Guilds to team up and play Dungeon missions together. Dungeons with higher levels are best beaten in a party of players.

In the Hardcore Mode, it has a unique feature called NFT Permadeath. If your selected character dies in the Dungeon, that character will be locked out indefinitely and cannot be used for a certain period of time. To lessen the NFT’s stay in the Permadeath, the landowner needs to build a hospital on their land plot.

Casual Mode

Players can stake their character NFTs in the Dungeon missions to earn rewards passively but there is a chance that the mission may fail. If the mission fails, all RELIC tokens are distributed amongst the landowners within that Dungeon. But if the player succeeds in the Dungeon, they will earn the RELIC tokens and landowners will also receive a small fee from their winnings.

MetaGods LAND

MetaGods has a total of 3,500 plots of LAND but only 3,200 are available for sale. The 300 plots are reserved for internal game economy use, community giveaways and other special events MetaGods will hold.

Each Dungeon has 100 plots within it and the smallest scale of LAND is 1×1. These lands can create passive income to those who own them.

Owners of LAND have the privilege to totally own the land plots in MetaGods. They can customize it and create buildings to generate resources for their guilds. Owners will receive the NFT items of players who died during missions and they either upgrade these items or sell it on a secondary market. Owners can also participate in the DAO governance by casting their votes on the direction of the game and they can also receive items from the partners of MetaGods.

LAND can be purchased at the MetaGods DApp. LAND sale in is already sold out.

MetaGods DApp

Players can go to the browser-based DApp to make transactions, buy and sell NFT avatars and in the future land plots. MetaGods Marketplace is not yet available but is included in their roadmap.

Players can also check the Boss Map, their Inventory and their NFT and MGOD staking.

Players can also see updates from their Discord server and Twitter posts at the bottom of the page.

MetaGods Tokenomics

MetaGods ecosystem is powered by dual token economy. MetaGods has RELIC and MGOD.

MGOD Token

Players can stake MGOD on the MetaGods DApp to earn rewards over time. It is the governance token of MetaGods, as well. Holders of MGOD tokens can participate in governance decisions of the platform, using a DAO structure. They will also vote on the direction of the game. MGOD is used to mint NFTs or purchase LAND in its marketplace. MGOD tokens are needed as an entry fee for special Dungeon raids, PvP tournaments or other exclusive events.

The maximum supply of MGOD in the market is 500,000,000. It is distributed to Ecosystem Rewards – 27.5%, Marketing – 13%, Treasury – 12%, Team – 13%, Advisors – 4%, Liquidity – 10%, Private Sale – 18.8% and Public Sale – 1.8%.

As of writing, the MGOD token is worth ₱2.51. This can be bought or traded at Pancakeswap and MEXC.


RELIC is the commodity within the game. It has an unlimited supply. RELIC consumption will be the key to the gameplay mechanic in Guild and Land utilities. 

RELIC, as of writing, has no equivalent value in Philippine Peso.

The Team Behind MetaGods

The core team of MetaGods is led by Leonidas (CEO) with eight other individuals, Odin (COO), Ares (Creative Director), Eddie W (Game Developer), Snake T. (Creator of Art), Rob C (Business Development), Athena and Ether (Community Managers) and Artemis (Marketing Lead).

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