Vote for Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Ripple as the Next Digital Coin to be Added on

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Bitpinas. SCI Ventures, the company behind wants your vote on which popular cryptocurrency do you want to become available on its platform first.

The choices are as follows:

  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash

SCI mentioned that the cryptocurrency that wins will be the next one to be available on its platform. The wording seems to imply that the three will eventually be available in the future. It’s just a matter of which one comes first.

How to Vote

As per its Facebook post:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in / Create an Account.
  3. On the top left is cryptocurrency switcher (default is bitcoin).
  4. Choose the cryptocurrency you want.
  5. You will arrive at a page similar to the one below. All you have to do is click “I want [Ethereum/Ripple/Bitcoin Cash] first on!”
  6. This will prompt a Facebook share button.
  7. Share!

Ethereum in the Philippines (Current Status)

You can actually buy ethereum in the Philippines through Quoinex. It is the only way we know where you can directly convert your Php to ethereum. Although, the process will involve going to a bank to fund your account. Read our article for other ways to buy ethereum in PH.

Ripple Philippines (Current Status)

Buying Ripple in the Philippines will involve transferring bitcoins you bought on Coins or Bitbit into a foreign exchange like Bittrex. Then buy it from there. (Read: How to Buy Ripple in the Philippines)

Bitcoin Cash Philippines (Current Status)

The 3rd largest cryptocurrency can also be bought at Quoinex. You can also do the steps I mentioned earlier with Ripple. For more instructions, check out our article: How to Buy Bitcoin Cash in the Philippines. Note: CEO Ronn Marlowe said they are considering to add bitcoin cash in the future.

  • Update June 2018: BCH is now available in

What’s Next?

If really adds bitcoin cash in the future, and if SCI adds either of the 3, then that means we will finally have a way to buy other digital coins without going through the convoluted process of transferring our bitcoins to a foreign exchange. The and process (where you buy at 7-eleven) is really very convenient, albeit the fees). BuyBitcoin is also very convenient as they have a number of ways we can buy bitcoin.

Have you voted already? Again, here’s SCI’s Facebook post, and here’s BuyBitcoin’s Voting Page.

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