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BSP-Licensed Atomtrans Launches ATC Exchange Crypto Platform

Photo for the Article - BSP-Licensed Atomtrans Launches ATC Exchange Crypto Platform

[Press Release] Atomtrans Tech Corp., in union with International Digital Currency Markets (IDCM), has now officially launched its new generation of crypto exchange, ATC Exchange, and is now available for trading.

Photo for the Article - BSP-Licensed Atomtrans Launches ATC Exchange Crypto Platform

What is ATC Exchange?

ATC Exchange ( is a digital currency exchange platform aimed at providing an avenue for investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The platform supports high frequency and a low latency delta-neutral strategy trading matching engine to concurrently accept millions of trades per second. It boasts a highly configurable system that runs in a secure and highly available environment, to ensure flawless executions especially against large bilateral orders within an extensive cryptocurrency network. With a streamlined back-end paired with a user-friendly interface, ATC Exchange ensures a smooth trading experience for its users.


The platform features two cryptocurrencies created by Atomtrans Tech Corp., namely ATCCoin and ATCP. ATCCoin uses a new generation of blockchain payment services through e-wallets to enable everyone to exchange high-frequency and low-cost point-to-point value exchanges and offline scene payment transaction services.

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On the other hand, ATCP is a stable digital currency with an anchored value of 1ATCP: 1PHP. ATCP mirrors the price stability of the Peso (PHP), and combines the same with the technicaal advantages of encrypted digital currencies, to be applied to various payment services, such as cross-border remittance, payroll to overseas personnel, and settlement of funds.

ATC Exchange also supports mainstream digital currencies such as Bitoin, Ethereum, USDT and other stable currency trading pairs to create high liquidity, providing participants additional security and more utility in digital asset exchange services.

Experience efficient and safe trading now with ATC Exchange. Sign-up now at:

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