BlockchainSpace Founder Shares His Play-to-Earn Global Vision

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By Shiela Bertillo

Peter Ing, the founder of BlockchainSpace, a guild hub for play-to-earn communities, shared his global vision for play-to-earn. Ing stated this during the second episode of BitPinas’ weekly webcast.

“It’s all about adoption. It’s really all about adoption,” he said.

He pointed out that this is also what Yat Sui, founder of venture capital firm Animoca Brands, whom he has been following for years, has always said. 

“NFT (non fungible token) games will probably be the portal, basically, for people to come into this space or at least the majority of people into the space. I think we are starting to see things that we never imagined before.” Ing explained.

He expressed his amazement with the occurrence of these news business models like scholarships that are “loaning accounts, gaming accounts” as well as loaning other NFT assets that never existed before.

“And in the future, I’m sure lots of other business models will appear. I mean, I think all of my investors share exactly the same vision, which is to support all the NFT games and the businesses that are basically starting up within this space. Accelerate that growth, provide them with the tooling they need, like CRM  (customer relationship management software) solutions, automated cash outs,” the BlockchainSpace founder noted.

Ing also looks forward to providing the communities with benchmarking to understand how well they are doing against other businesses as well as financial services.

“Fortunately, that’s been my background for the last couple of years, which is understanding how to automate issuance of credit lines down to different digital wallets.” He stated vouching that he could really provide financial services for the community.

Moreover, he also stated that because of the data they’ve been aggregating, BlockchainSpace has a lot of performance data that could be considered in the financial world.

“This is the data (of the) unbanked or people in developing markets, like the Philippines, that could never provide their own banks (or) set up a bank account. Think how many Filipinos don’t have a bank account and now, suddenly, they have a ronin wallet.” Ing said.

He emphasized how it’s “insane how their Ronin wallet has become their first bank account” and through this they can “finally access all those financial services that weren’t available to them before.”

The BitPinas Webcast interview with Peter Ing aired live on BitPinas’ Facebook Page, hosted by BitPinas’ Senior Editor Michael Mislos, and co-hosted by Chin Gandia, Associate Consultant of Emfarsis.

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This article is published on BitPinas: BlockchainSpace Founder Shares His Play-to-Earn Global Vision

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[…] This article is published on BitPinas: BlockchainSpace Founder Shares His Play-to-Earn Global Vision […]

[…] BlockchainSpace Founder Shares His Play-to-Earn Global Vision […]


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