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Jihoz of Axie Infinity: After Typhoon Odette, It is Clear That Axie is More Than A Game

Jeff Zirlin discussed the impact of Typhoon Odette and how recent efforts of the Axie community is a testament of the game being more than just a game, but something that has impact.

Photo for the Article - Jihoz of Axie Infinity: After Typhoon Odette, It is Clear That Axie is More Than A Game

By Nathaniel Cajuday

“It’s definitely becoming really clear that Axie is far more than a game. It’s something that can have a real-world impact and this typhoon was an early example of that.”

Thus, said Jeff Zirlin, also known as Jihoz, the co-founder and growth lead of Sky Mavis, developer of play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, when he was asked if the way how the Axie Infinity community helped the victims of Typhoon Odette showed that the digital world is already working with physical nations during the BitPinas’ Webcast 04 last December 23, 2021.

Jihoz of Axie Infinity: It is Clear That Axie is More Than A Game, That It Can Have More Impact.

“My heart goes out to everybody who is dealing with the typhoon right now like it’s very difficult. You know, it’s going to be a very difficult time. It’s going to be a very difficult rebuilding effort and I’m proud that the Axie (Infinity) community and NFT gaming community was able to step up to deal with something like this,” he added.

According to Jeff, we have to rely on governments a lot less in the future due to the debt crisis. Furthermore, he stressed that people need to figure out who will be the people they can rely on in the future, emphasizing that it is going to be about the grassroots, internet communities.

“It’s been amazing to see the entire community come together. This is just the first step; we’re going to have difficult challenges both in the digital and physical world. And we’re going to come together, we’re going to persevere, we’re going to get through any hard thing that is turned at as. We’ve been here for four years, we’ve seen really, really, really difficult problems, and every time, we’ve got into them, and this typhoon is no different,” he concluded.

A week before Christmas, much of Central Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Odette, but the crypto community quickly mobilized through donating and joining relief efforts for the victims of the typhoon.

BitPinas’ Senior Editor Michael Mislos during the Webcast stated that there were around Php 31 million pesos donated in just a week, highlighting that this is more because of the transparency of the blockchain and fast transfer of money.

See the list of PH Axie Infinity, Crypto, and Crypto Art Community Donation Drives Typhoon Odette Victims here.

Interview with Jiho of Axie Infinity - BitPinas Webcast 04

BitPinas Webcast 04 – Interview with Jiho of Axie Infinity aired live on BitPinas’ Facebook Page, hosted by BitPinas’ Senior Editor Michael Mislos, and co-hosted by Chin Gandia, Associate Consultant of Emfarsis.

The BitPinas Webcast is a #CryptoPH Weekly Show. Click here to visit BitPinas Webcast Clips.

Watch BitPinas Webcasts every Thursday, at 5:00 pm, PH time.

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