Filipino-developed Anito Legends Late Summer Game Updates

Explore updates for local blockchain game Anito Legends, including new visuals and new gear in recognition of content creator Master Kamote.

Filipino-developed Anito Legends Late Summer Game Updates
  • Anito Legends has implemented updates for the “late summer,” including a new look to the game.
  • Developer Masayato Games also introduced a new gear in recognition of its content creator Master Kamote.
  • Anito Legends updates include Arena enhancements, replacing silhouette Anitos, fixed Battle Pass layout, resolved bugs related to the Lagim Avatar’s visibility in battles, and more.

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Locally developed blockchain game Anito Legends recently announced game updates for the “late summer” – including new visuals, a new mechanic, additional Battle Pass missions, and increased rewards for competitive players. Developer Masayato Games also released a new gear in recognition of its foremost content creator known in the community as ‘Master Kamote’.

Last February, Anito Legends v1.0 was officially launched. It is an auto-battler game developed by Filipino company Masayato Games; the writer of its lore is award-winning horror writer Yvette Tan:

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New Features

One of the new features of the game is a mechanic called Taunt– Anitos, in-game playable characters, with Taunt will always be attacked first, overriding turn sequence and other abilities. 

In addition, the game also added Tiyanak food items that are now available for players to feed their Anitos.

Nino’s Shop also now allows players to sell multiple items at once due to popular demand. Users can select up to 10 different items for simultaneous selling. Since the feature is currently in beta, players can expect the gradual increase in the number of items that can be sold at once.

Game Update

In the Arena, silhouette Anitos have been replaced with question marks, leaving players with no information about hidden Anitos in opposing teams.

More missions have been included in the Battle Pass, and rewards have been increased for competitive players in the Arena Diamond and Platinum tiers. 

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Further, the developers shared that players can now change their account password easily even without sending a ticket. Players can now also access a new Stats Page for an overview of their progress. 

The Battle Pass layout issues on mobile have been resolved. Additionally, the bug causing the Lagim Avatar to not appear during battles has been fixed. Various other reported bugs from the previous release have also been addressed and resolved.

Master Kamote Gear

Along with the game updates, Anito Legends also introduced the new Master Kamote equipment set to recognize the  web3 content creator ‘Master Kamote’ (MK) –who has been actively making Anito Legends-focused videos. 

Aside from being a content creator, Master Kamote is a member of the gaming guild Real Deal. His Youtube account currently has 15,100 subscribers, while his Facebook has 38,000 followers at the time this article was written


“For the record, this is also a momentous occasion with MK’s gear release. MK has been an unbiased supporter of our game ever since we launched our white paper concept in 2021. Since then he has been supportive and critical of our every step. We are forever thankful to him as a content creator partner,” Anito Legends stated, noting that the release of Master Kamote’s seasonal gear is part of its commitment to other content creators who wish to collaborate with the game in the future.

New Theme

The lobby backgrounds now feature a varying sun position based on the user’s local device’s time, not server time. The times are as follows: Evening (10 PM – 6 AM), Morning (6 AM – 2 PM), and Sunset (2 PM – 10 PM).

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