Bitget Launches $10M Blockchain4Her Project to Empower Web3 Women

Bitget commits $10 million to Blockchain4Her initiative for gender diversity in the blockchain sector.

Photo for the Article - Bitget Launches $10M Blockchain4Her Project to Empower Web3 Women
  • Bitget recently launched the Blockchain4Her initiative with a $10 million commitment to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in the blockchain industry. 
  • Blockchain4Her aims to address this disparity by raising awareness and fostering collaborative efforts for a more inclusive funding environment.
  • The initiative will introduce key features such as female entrepreneur incubation programs and pitch competitions, women in blockchain summits & awards, and an ambassador program.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget recently introduced the Blockchain4Her initiative, committing $10 million to foster gender diversity and inclusivity within the blockchain industry.

Photo for the Article - Bitget Launches $10M Blockchain4Her Project to Empower Web3 Women


During the World Economic Forum 2024, Bitget announced the Blockchain4Her project at the Web3 Hub Davos event hosted by CV Labs. The firm highlighted its dedication to promoting female entrepreneurship and acknowledged women’s accomplishments in the blockchain and web3 sectors.

According to Bitget, notable gender bias persists despite the industry’s advancements and growing inclusivity. It then referenced a recent study it conducted which unveiled limited gender diversity within the blockchain funding market. The study indicated that female-led blockchain startups only secured six percent of the total funding.

“In a forward-thinking and global blockchain-based economy, the prevalence of gender bias significantly restricting opportunities is an unacceptable issue,” the platform stated. 

Bitget emphasized that Blockchain4Her seeks to tackle the gender disparity in blockchain funding by shedding light on the challenges faced by female-led startups. The firm aims to raise awareness and encourage collaborative endeavors to cultivate a more inclusive funding environment.

“In an industry that is evolving rapidly, diversity and inclusion are vital for sustainable growth. Blockchain4Her reflects our dedication to bridging the gender gap in the blockchain industry.”

Gracy Chen, Managing Director, Bitget

The media release added that the Blockchain4Her initiative draws inspiration from the success of the Blockchain4Youth project and the Bitget Builders Program. Bitget noted that with a parallel investment commitment of $10 million over the next five years, Blockchain4Youth has been instrumental in inspiring the younger generation to embrace blockchain technology. 

Key Initiatives 

The initiative will have several key components aimed at promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in the blockchain industry. 

“Through incubation programs, pitch competitions, and recognition events, we aim to empower women to take on leadership roles in the web3 and blockchain space. This initiative aligns with our broader vision of creating a more equitable and inclusive future through the power of blockchain.”

Gracy Chen, Managing Director, Bitget

Bitget is set to launch Female Entrepreneur Incubation Programs and Pitch Competitions. These tailored incubation programs specifically cater to female entrepreneurs, providing comprehensive support, mentorship, and resources to empower women in navigating and succeeding in the blockchain sector. 

Additionally, the initiative will host pitch competitions, offering female-founded startups a platform to showcase their innovations and secure potential investments.

Furthermore, Blockchain4Her will also introduce the Women in Blockchain Summit & Awards, an exclusive experience designed to celebrate and recognize the outstanding achievements of women in the blockchain space. 

The summit serves as a platform for networking among female professionals, fostering collaboration and community building. Through insightful discussions and recognition events, Bitget aims to inspire more women to actively participate and advance their careers within the blockchain industry.

To further support gender diversity in blockchain, Bitget will launch an Ambassador Program as part of Blockchain4Her. This program will invite industry leaders to join as ambassadors, playing a crucial role in advocating for gender diversity. Ambassadors will actively engage with the initiative, driving positive changes and fostering an inclusive environment within the blockchain industry.

Bitget News

In December, Bitget released a Proof of Reserves (PoR) report, demonstrating its commitment to transparency by maintaining a total reserve ratio of 199%. The report highlights Bitget’s promise to users that their funds are fully backed 1:1 and available on demand, exceeding the industry standard of 100%. 

Last November, the crypto platform revealed its 2024 forecasts for major cryptocurrencies. The company predicts a positive trajectory for Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP, while cautioning about potential challenges for DOGE.

In May 2023, Bitget co-presented an episode of Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories, where the focus centered on crypto trading strategies. The panel delved into the current state of the crypto industry, highlighting its resilience during the bear market.

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