Bitget Wallet Airdrop | BWB Airdrop Campaigns Until April 2024

In its tokenomics, out of the one billion $BWB supply, 5% is allocated to community airdrops.

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Aiming to reward its long-time users and attract more engagement, Bitget Wallet, a non-custodial wallet, confirmed that it will be hosting two airdrops from March 18 to April 28, 2024. 

Users can download the wallet here and find out if they can receive initial allocation. (Initial BWB points are given to EVM, Tron, and Solana addresses. Incentives are given to existing users, new users, and those who made swaps in wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Phantom.)

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What is Bitget Wallet? 

Bitget Wallet ( is a multi-chain web3 wallet that has a DEX for swapping tokens, a marketplace for NFT, a browser for decentralized apps, and a launchpad functionality integrated into its app. 

In January, it hosted “Bitget Ignite PH 2024: Gala and Awards Summit” at Okada Manila, bringing together over 90 KOLs, influencers, VIPs, and organizers. 

Photo for the Article - Bitget Wallet Airdrop | BWB Airdrop Campaigns Until April 2024

Last month, it is the organizer behind the DEVCON Laguna Campus Roadshow, which highlighted the firm’s Blockchain4Youth (B4Y) Initiative and aimed to promote web3 adoption and empower emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders. It took place on February 14 at the University of Perpetual Help Biñan Laguna Campus. 

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Then earlier this month, in collaboration with DEVCON Manila, it hosted TechTopia: A Geek Odyssey, which focused on promoting technological advancement, particularly in the blockchain space. The event served as the second assembly within the #Blockchain4Youth initiative, and attracted Computer Science and Information Technology students, as well as tech professionals, with a total attendance of 100.

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“Our mission is to create a world-class decentralized Web3 crypto wallet that offers a secure and convenient trading experience for all crypto users,” the developers wrote. 

Bitget Wallet Information

Photo for the Article - Bitget Wallet Airdrop | BWB Airdrop Campaigns Until April 2024

As of this writing, Bitget Wallet claims to support 250,000 cryptocurrencies and is compatible with 100+ networks. It also reports to have 19 million users from 168 countries around the globe. 

According to the team, Bitget Wallet aggregates top DEXes and NFT markets to provide users with the best trading prices. Data shows that the total swap volume on its in-app DEX and NFT marketplace has already reached $8 billion. 

“The NFT Market of Bitget Wallet is one of the largest marketplaces on BNB Chain and Polygon, with 220,000+ NFT collections and US$40+ million in trading volume,” Bitget explained. 

“It utilizes a unique DESM encryption algorithm and shares a US$300 million Protection Fund with the Bitget Exchange, ensuring the security of user assets and transactions.”

The wallet was acquired by Bitget in 2023, at a valuation of $300 million. It was first launched in 2018, where it secured a $15 million Series A financing round led by Dragonfly. 

“With its user-friendly features, the Bitget Web3 Wallet empowers users to engage with decentralized applications and digital assets, making it easier than ever to embrace the opportunities offered by the Web3 ecosystem,” Bitget emphasized.

Interesting users can download the web3 wallet at

Bitget Wallet Airdrop: How to Participate

Photo for the Article - Bitget Wallet Airdrop | BWB Airdrop Campaigns Until April 2024

Aside from rewarding its loyal users and attracting more engagements, the main reason behind Bitget Wallet’s airdrop is the launch of its native token, $BWB. 

What is BWB Airdrop?

In its tokenomics, out of the one billion token supply, 5% is allocated to community airdrops. Learn more about the Bitget Wallet here.

  • The six-week airdrop campaign will have two parts—the initial airdrop, which will reward “loyal users,” and the task-based airdrop, which will reward those who complete a list of tasks. 
  • For the initial airdrop, the wallet will reward users according to how long the time they are using the wallet, how many assets they hold, the volume of their transactions, and participation in past events. 
  • Meanwhile, for the task-based campaign, the airdrop will be based on a points system, which is called BWB Points. New users will automatically receive 50 BWB points.
  • On the other hand, some tasks to earn more points include holding specific assets, conducting swap transactions, and referring new users. 

Each task on this campaign has different BWB points. There are no further details yet on how much reward is equivalent per BWB point. 

“We are eagerly anticipating the official release of BWB tokens in the second quarter of 2024, which will empower users to convert their accrued BWB points into tokens,” Bitget Wallet’s COO Alvin Kan stressed. 

“It’s important to us that BWB serves as a key to unlocking exclusive benefits for its holders, offering them a voice in community governance, access to ecosystem airdrops, and a dividend in the rewards driven by the growth of Bitget Wallet.”

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