Divine Deception: Colorado Pastor Accused of $3.2 Million Crypto Fraud

When the investors voiced their concerns, the Pastor said God told him to “HODL”

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Pastor Eligio “Eli” Regalado and his wife Kaitlyn, associated with Victorious Grace Church in Denver, reportedly raised $3.2 million through a crypto token called INDXcoin, news website Decrypt reports.

The token was marketed to Christians, claiming divine instruction for its creation.

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  • The Colorado Securities Commissioner sued the couple for deceiving investors and selling unregistered securities.
  • A Colorado judge has frozen the assets of Victorious Grace Church based on these allegations.

Misrepresentation of INDXcoin

  • The Regalados claimed INDXcoin was pegged to a crypto index and backed by substantial assets.
  • In reality, the coin had minimal backing, with the couple claiming divine endorsement.

Additional Allegations

  • Eli Regalado told investors their success was “guaranteed by God.”
  • They insisted INDXcoin was a utility coin, not a security, despite expert advice to the contrary.
  • The couple controlled Kingdom Wealth Exchange, the only platform for exchanging INDXcoin for USD, which they occasionally shut down.
  • Investors were encouraged to keep their investments despite concerns, with Eli claiming divine guidance to “HODL.”

Misuse of Funds

  • The Regalados allegedly used $1.3 million of the raised funds for personal expenses like luxury items, vacations, and home renovations.
  • Eli Regalado admitted to pocketing $1.3 million but claimed part of it went to the IRS and home renovations as instructed by God.
  • A hearing is scheduled for January 29 to discuss the request for a preliminary injunction.
  • The hearing will address the violation of state securities laws and the legitimacy of the Regalados’ claims of divine guidance.

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