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Bitget Unveils Blockchain4Youth at a Campus Roadshow

Photo for the Article - Bitget Unveils Blockchain4Youth at a Campus Roadshow
  • The recent DEVCON Laguna Campus Roadshow, hosted by Bitget, highlighted the firm’s Blockchain4Youth (B4Y) Initiative, aiming to promote web3 adoption and empower emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders. 
  • It took place on February 14th at the University of Perpetual Help Biñan Laguna Campus.
  • The event, titled “Techtalk: Interactive Session with the Techies,” aimed to encourage students to explore web3 careers through the Blockchain4Youth initiative.

To shape the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, cryptocurrency platform Bitget unveiled its Blockchain4Youth (B4Y) Initiative during the recent DEVCON Laguna Campus Roadshow.

The event, held on February 14th at the University of Perpetual Help Biñan Laguna Campus, showcased Bitget’s commitment to promoting web3 adoption and empowering emerging leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Blockchain4Youth Initiative

According to Bitget, Blockchain4Youth advocates for web3 adoption and encourages individuals to embrace crypto and blockchain technologies. 

Additionally, the exchange emphasized its commitment to investing $10 million over the next five years in the project, recognizing the significant impact of Millennials and Gen Z in shaping a cryptocurrency-friendly future. Bitget aims to empower these generations as proactive leaders, utilizing the investment to support initiatives that disseminate knowledge and drive progress toward a blockchain-centric future globally.

Photo for the Article - Bitget Unveils Blockchain4Youth at a Campus Roadshow

“Through Blockchain4Youth, Bitget hopes to share knowledge and information that can serve as a catalyst for a blockchain-based future worldwide,” the firm wrote.

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Apart from this project, Bitget also unveiled the Blockchain4Her initiative, pledging $10 million to advance gender diversity in the blockchain industry. The project focuses on promoting inclusivity through awareness, collaborative efforts, and creating an environment conducive to diverse funding. 

Campus Roadshow

The event titled “Techtalk: Interactive Session with the Techies” was meant to encourage students to delve into web3 careers and broaden their technological expertise through the Blockchain4Youth initiative.

The roadshow convened an audience of more than 200 students who were enrolled in Computer Science and Information Technology programs.

“It is time for us Filipinos to show our potential to the world by being developers and leaders in the web3 space, and not just mere users of the technology. The Blockchain4Youth initiative marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the journey of Filipino youth in blockchain,” the statement reads.

The event featured speakers such as Athena Abe, a Sustaining Engineer and KCH Coach at PAR Technology, Armielyn Obinguar, Technology Director at Cloud Ace Philippines and Fraxctional Tech Lead at Kippap. 

Photo for the Article - Bitget Unveils Blockchain4Youth at a Campus Roadshow

Also in attendance was Eliezer Rabadon, CEO of DVCode Technologies Inc., who also serves as Tech Lead at ICP, Hub Philippines, Jose Antonio, Bitget’s Country Manager, Ben Joseph Banta, CEO of Ranida Games, Isaeus Gulang, Regional Captain and Founder of AWS Cloud Club Philippines, Eli Becislao, Managing Director of THE BLOKC, and  Marc Castro, Bitget’s Community Manager.

During the event, attendees also had the opportunity to participate in a merchandise and prize giveaway featuring an array of items. These included a Nintendo Switch Console, five Blockchain4Youth Boxes, Messi Shirts, Bitget T-shirts, Bitget Powerbanks, and a TradeSmarter Gift Box. 

Moreover, the firm describes the event as its initial stride towards leveraging the transformative capacity of blockchain technology, fostering innovation, generating opportunities, and shaping a brighter future for future generations. 

The goal of the Campus Roadshow was to ignite the interest of young Filipino college students in pursuing careers in web3 and broadening their horizons.

Per the media release, the event was organized by DEVCON Laguna, an affiliate of DEVCON PH or Developers Connect the Philippines, a non-profit technology organization and community for technology experts, developers, and IT enthusiasts. The statement noted that this is just the first of the three events between Bitget and its partnership with DEVCON Laguna.

Recent Event

Last month, Bitget also hosted the “Bitget Ignite PH 2024: Gala and Awards Summit” at Okada Manila in Parañaque City. The event brought together over 90 key opinion leaders (KOLs), influencers, VIPs, and potential partners. The event aimed to reintroduce Bitget to the market, receiving positive feedback from attendees.

In May 2023, the exchange helped organize an episode of the Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories (BBB) crypto meetup. The event centered around discussions on cryptocurrency trading strategies and featured a panel discussion delving into the current state of the crypto industry, highlighting its notable resilience amidst market downturns.

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