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Accessible to all 18 million users by May, the course covers Bitcoin economics and aims to empower Filipinos in navigating the crypto landscape.

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Locally licensed cryptocurrency platform recently announced its partnership with web3 and cryptocurrency learning and certification platform XD Academy to enhance crypto education in the Philippines. The collaboration will provide web3 e-learning tools and certifications.

Instructors in XD Academy included foremost educator in Bitcoin Saifedean Ammous and Athur Hayes, entrepreneur and co-founder of BitMEX. and XD Academy Collaboration

The partnership will enable Filipinos to access online cryptocurrency courses, beginning with a detailed study of Bitcoin economics.

According to the media release, the Economics of Bitcoin course will delve into the evolution of money, examining its origins and progression to the current fiat currency system. It will then explore Bitcoin, covering its scarcity, finite supply, and fungibility, while also addressing its wider impact on financial systems and its transformative role in reshaping our understanding of money.

Bitcoin Course

Photo for the Article -, XD Academy Partner for Crypto Courses, Certifications

The course is set to launch by May and will be accessible to all 18 million users of The firms noted that their goal is to ensure learning about cryptocurrency is accessible and engaging for individuals of any age and at any stage in their cryptocurrency journey, employing formats that resonate with their preferences.

Consequently, Wei Zhou, CEO of, expressed anticipation for increased demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies following the Bitcoin halving.

“Since Coins is the leading source of Bitcoin in the Philippines, it’s important we provide users with world-class education to empower them as they navigate the cryptocurrency market.”

Wei Zhou, CEO,

Bitcoin’s Foremost Educator

Saifedean Ammous, a leading Bitcoin educator and author of “The Bitcoin Standard,” one of the first books to explore Bitcoin’s role in monetary history, serves as an instructor for XD Academy’s introductory course on Bitcoin economics.

“As the author of the best-selling book The Bitcoin Standard, Saifedean Ammous has probably educated more people about bitcoin than anyone alive. We are very pleased to have him as an instructor for this introductory course on the economics underpinning bitcoin.”

Lawrence Linker, CEO, XD Academy

XD Academy, as a learn-to-earn platform, will provide incentives to students as they deepen their understanding of cryptocurrency and engage with the community.

Other Partners for Education

Tether Operations Limited Inc.

Recently, partnered with the firm behind stablecoin Tether (USDT) to promote financial education in the Philippines. The collaboration aims to enhance awareness of blockchain technologies, bitcoin, and stablecoins through various educational programs such as workshops, online campaigns, and quizzes.


In October, the exchange collaborated with global fintech company Circle to encourage USDC-based remittances in the Philippines. The partnership includes educational initiatives aimed at assisting Overseas Filipinos in leveraging USDC for their remittance needs.

Kookoo Crypto TV

In 2023, partnered with Kookoo Crypto TV to launch Kooks2Go, a nationwide tour aimed at promoting widespread crypto adoption in the Philippines. Through in-person events across various locations, Kookoo provided educational content and community-building initiatives, supported by the exchange.


In May last year, and Investagrams partnered to educate Filipinos on financial literacy and cryptocurrencies. The collaboration allows both platforms to create and share educational content and encourages more Filipinos to trade through

Coins Academy

Apart from partnerships, the exchange also has Coins Academy, a platform that offers educational content about cryptocurrency, catering to individuals interested in learning about and entering the crypto industry.

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