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Web3 Jobs Asia Rebrands to NexHire, Reveals Crypto and Web3 Plans

Nexhire Platform
  • NexHire founders, Justin Wee and Ritch Traballo, revealed their plans to integrate web3 and crypto micropayments into their job platform during an interview with BitPinas.
  • NexHire was incubated by Archipelago Labs and was the career fair partner for Yield Guild Games’ web3 community summit.
  • The platform expanded its focus to include emerging technologies like web3 and AI, prompting the rebrand from Web3 Jobs Asia to NexHire.

In an interview with BitPinas, Nexhire founders Justin Wee and Ritch Traballo disclosed that they are planning to incorporate web3 and crypto micropayments into their job platform. 

NexHire: Web3’s LinkedIn? 

NexHire was previously known as Web3 Jobs Asia, a job platform that connects web3 entities to prospective applicants. 

According to Traballo and Wee, the idea for NexHire originated during the Web3 PH Summit, where they identified a gap in the tech talent pool. Thus, they founded a headhunting agency to assist businesses in locating the best web3 talents.

“And this year, just to mention how we transitioned from Web3 Jobs Asia, to this platform, we want to productize what we were building, so we wanted to create a platform where people can do the referrals, so hence we built the NexHire platform,” Traballo shared.

Photo for the Article - Web3 Jobs Asia Rebrands to NexHire, Reveals Crypto and Web3 Plans
From Left: Gabriel Fordan (CTO). Ritch Traballo (CEO), Justin Wee (COO)

From Web3 Jobs Asia to NexHire: The Transition

The rebrand was first hinted at by Wee last month when he tagged NexHire as a platform that will let users ‌“explore the vast potential of opportunities in emerging technologies—Web3 and beyond.”

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“We really just wanted to refresh our brand if we were expanding to new customer markets. But despite the name change, I think our future, or the vision for the future of work really still remains with us: really bridging the gap between opportunities and jobs, especially in the emerging tech space,” he explained, adding that the platform expanded to include emerging technologies such as web3 and AI, thus it was rebranded to better align with the broader landscape.

This was echoed by Lance Pormarejo, Executive Director of Archipelago Labs, an investing firm for early stage startups.

“We think that the transition from Web3 Jobs Asia to Nexhire was the natural progression of the company so that they can encompass a wider set of technology companies and expand their offering to other verticals. A-Labs had a part in the broadening of their approach.” Pormarejo said.

NexHire’s Future Moves

Currently, NexHire offers two services within its platform: Refer & Earn and Hire Talents. 

The “Refer & Earn” program allows individuals to become SuperConnectors and earn rewards by connecting talented candidates with startups and companies. 

“Hire Talents,” on the other hand, allows web3 firms and entities to post their job openings and connect them to super connectors and their candidates. 

However, Traballo admitted that the job platform is not yet fully integrated into web3, but ‌users are assured that the dev team is exploring various avenues within the landscape:

“We’re currently looking at tokenomics and crypto as micropayments also. So I think those are the two core main functions, or at least development, that we look at exploring with Web3.”

Traballo also mentioned that they are still deliberating on whether or not to release a platform-based key currency. 

Meanwhile, speaking about NexHire’s future aspirations, he shared that the platform aims to be the top recruitment platform for startups by helping them scale and grow their teams by leveraging its network of partner communities and super connectors for referrals.

This was seconded by Wee, who boldly declared that they want NexHire to be not just comparable to LinkedIn, but a better option compared to the job platform giant:

“I want to continue growing this startup, but personally, for me, I really want to lead and try to onboard more student founders, because (there are a lot of) uncut or hidden ideas that are really trapped within, you know, young people, the youth nowadays.”

Recent Activities

NexHire is among the five startups that were part of the ALAB incubation program. Wee shared that they are the youngest cohorts of the accelerator’s program—both of them are still students in college. 

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Photo for the Article - Web3 Jobs Asia Rebrands to NexHire, Reveals Crypto and Web3 Plans
Synthillate, Ridge, Gamer Points, NexHire, and Twine are among the startups at ALAB Demo Day.

“What we’re very happy about is that throughout the months, like three to four months that we started operating and launched all these big names, they don’t really care that they’re young. What I definitely affirm about the web3 space is how age really doesn’t matter. It really is up to the skills you have and the passion that you have to actually do the job that you’re looking for,” Wee commented. 

Pormarejo of Archipelago Labs, stated that NexHire is a standout among the cohort’s startups because it addresses a challenge that all startups face when they begin to scale. In addition, the company’s innovative approach and the founders’ passion for the industry distinguish them from the competition.

“Their niche-focused strategy sets them apart. Unlike broader and traditional platforms, they tap into specialized communities, incentivizing them to refer top-tier talents. By delivering already vetted pipelines to companies, they are able to provide a distinct advantage,” A-Labs told BitPinas.

Moreover, NexHire was also the career fair partner of web3 gaming-focused guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) for its web3 community summit.

“It was a very successful event. I’ll be very honest, because it was also the first time we went physical and actually saw the numerous talents that YGG had, and I think our responsibility there was getting all the companies that were connected here and disperse all the job opportunities to the community members of YGG,” Wee stated.

Traballo also noted that he led a session on navigating a web3 career on YGG’s Discord. He emphasized that web3 has many talented explorers, but they require guidance.

“One of the things that we’re looking for right now is being able to be the career partners of these communities,” he concluded.

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