How to Buy Altcoins Using Poloniex From the Philippines

The only way to buy altcoins in the Philippines right now is through foreign exchange sites. Learn how to trade using Poloniex in this article.

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Exchanging your cash to bitcoin in the Philippines can be as simple as going to the nearest bank or 7-eleven. But what about Ether? What about Litecoin? What if I want to buy a brand new altcoin? We covered this topic on our 2 guides on using Bittrex, a cryptocurrency exchange site. For this article, we will focus on Poloniex and how we can transact on that website.

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Beginners Guide to Poloniex in the Philippines

Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange from the United States for trading cryptocurrencies. Trading fees start at .25% for anything less than 600BTC in value.

Poloniex is just one of the many cryptocurrency / digital exchange websites available. If you want to check out Bittrex, another crypto-exchange site, you can CLICK HERE.

If you are a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency and want to check out bitcoin, we would recommend trying the apps and sites most available in the Philippines ie:,,, and Abra.

Altcoins to buy on Poloniex

Below are just some of the coins you can buy and trade on Poloniex:

How to Sign Up for Poloniex in the Philippines

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Once you go to the Poloniex website, you can find the Create an Account tab at the upper right corner. Answer the following questions in Register and you’ll have to activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address. You will then be asked to submit a government ID to get verified. Wait for your profile to get verified and you’re all set.
  • If you weren’t able to submit an ID and get verified, you won’t be able to deposit funds into your account. However, you are free to check out the Poloniex user interface so you can get familiar with it once you start using the platform for real.

How to Fund your Poloniex Account

As of this writing, there is no way to fund Poloniex using our Philippine Peso. You can use the bitcoin you bought somewhere and use it to fund your Poloniex Account. The process should be the same with our previous guide on how to transfer bitcoin from to Bittrex.

Going to Balances

Photo for the Article - How to Buy Altcoins Using Poloniex From the Philippines
You will need to fund your Poloniex account before you can buy altcoins for trading. You can start by clicking on BALANCES that you can see in the upper right corner then go to DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS. For this article, we will choose BTC – Bitcoin and click on Deposit. Poloniex will then give you your address that you will use to send your BTC to your Poloniex account (Note: See our previous guide. The process should be almost the same). Once done, scroll up and click on the EXCHANGE button on the upper left corner.

Going to Exchange

Photo for the Article - How to Buy Altcoins Using Poloniex From the Philippines

For this article, we will be using BTC to exchange for DASH. On the left side, you will see MARKETS. You can then search DASH or click on the DASH exchange (see screenshot). Wait for the page to load and then scroll down to see BUY DASH (see screenshot). In the screenshot, you will see that the price for 1 DASH is 0.07500850 BTC at the moment. Choose the amount of DASH you want to buy and click on the Buy button to finish the transaction. You can then send your DASH to your DASH wallet for safe keeping.

Tutorial Video for Buying Altcoins in Poloniex

Beginners Guide on How to buy Altcoins in Poloniex using BTC

Tips in buying Altcoin in Poloniex

  1. Try trading a small amount of coin first. Test the waters before you go all out.
    1. But only invest in an amount you can afford to lose!
  2. Have your crypto wallet ready. You don’t want to keep your cryptocurrencies in crypto exchange sites as they are prone to hackers.

Overall – Poloniex Philippines

Poloniex is just one of many certified digital assets exchange sites that you can use. The example given above is just basic trading / exchange that you can do on the platform. Learning the basics is an important step in becoming a pro in cryptocurrency trading. After getting a hang of the basic trade flow, you can then dabble in Poloniex’s Margin trading (trading with borrowed funds) and Lending.

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