P2E Space Nation Introduces ‘Cosmorathon’ for $OIK Airdrop

Cosmorathon will follow a points system, which will be called OIK shards. ‌Phase 1 started on April 8 and will end on June 16.

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Space Nation, a blockchain game built on top of the Ethereum network, announced the start of Cosmorathon, a play-to-airdrop campaign that seeks to distribute 10 million $IOK. 

What is Space Nation?

Space Nation, originally launched in 2019 as an entertainment platform, has evolved to focus primarily on its flagship project, Space Nation Online—a space opera MMORPG built on the Ethereum network.

Founded by industry veterans Jerome Wu and Tony Tang, alongside Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roland Emmerich and entrepreneur Marco Weber, the platform aims to deliver a diverse range of interactive entertainment worldwide.

Space Nation Online merges the Play-4-Fun (P4F) and Play-2-Earn (P2E) models, enhancing the gaming experience with blockchain and AI technologies. The game, still in closed beta until April 29, 2024, is only accessible via invite code.

Cosmorathon: The Play-to-Airdrop Campaign

The platform recently announced the start of Cosmorathon, a campaign to distribute 10 million $IOK tokens. The campaign consists of two phases:

  1. Phase 1: Faith – Running from April 8 to June 16, this phase allows holders of Alpha Gate and Prime Navigator NFTs to collect OIK shards daily.
  2. Phase 2: Marathon – Details are forthcoming, but it will include social tasks and events for additional IOK shard collection.

Participants can convert every 10 IOK shards into one $OIK token. For more information or to participate, visit Space Nation’s event page.

Tokens and NFTs

Space Nation is developing three tokens:

  • $OIK: The main ecosystem token, with a billion tokens to be released over ten years.
  • CHR: An in-game currency for transactions within Space Nation Online.
  • ORB: A credit system within Logistikos for community contributions, exchangeable for various items and rights.

NFTs in the game include ships, crews, and items like the Alpha Gate and Prime Navigator, each serving unique roles within the ecosystem.

“Each NFT has its own unique role within the ecosystem and serves a meaningful purpose without overlapping. For instance, the Genesis Collection is a certificate for the project’s earliest contributors, and holding these long-term can yield significant project value,” the game assured.  

For the latest updates and more information, follow Space Nation’s X account and sign up at Logistikos.

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