Tambay OG: Filipino NFT Collection Showcasing “Pinoy Diskarte” Sells Out on Mintoo

Explore how the Tambay OG, a Filipino NFT collection celebrating ‘Pinoy Diskarte,’ sold out on the local NFT marketplace Mintoo.

Tambay OG NFT Collection Sells Out on Mintoo
  • The Tambay OG NFT collection, celebrating Filipino culture and humor, has been sold out on the Mintoo marketplace.
  • Although sold out, there are still NFTs listed for sale on the platform, ranging from ₱600 to ₱100,000.
  • Mintoo Studios, the creative arm of the Mintoo NFT Marketplace, leads the Tambay OG Project, challenging prevailing norms in the digital collectible industry.

Recognition of Pinoy talent and artwork continues to prevail as another Filipino NFT collection, Tambay OG, is now sold out after its launch on the homegrown NFT marketplace Mintoo on June 13, 2023.

Although sold out, there are currently NFTs listed for resale ranging from ₱600 to ₱100,000.

Tambay OG NFT Collection: Celebrating Filipino Culture

The Tambay OG NFT, minted on the Polygon blockchain through the Mintoo Digital Collectible marketplace, is a 504 profile picture (PFP) collection that celebrates Filipino culture and humor. 

According to the Tambay creators, the collection, which aims to build a community known for “Pinoy diskarte” and facilitate community-sourced life hacks, is hardly inspired by local comic artists, including Tarantadong Kalbo, Pupung, Larry Alcala, and Pugad Baboy. Larry Alcala and Pugad Baboy artist Pol Medina both have their own releases of NFTs.

Tambay OG NFT Collection Sells Out on Mintoo
Tambay OG NFT Collection Sells Out on Mintoo

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“Pinoys have carved out a reputation for helping each other out, especially in the face of challenging times—bayanihan—and this trait is celebrated the world over. The dream is to create a space to facilitate community-sourced life hacks, enabled by web3,” they noted.

Accordingly, though the collection depicts the daily living of a Filipino community, Tambay creators clarified that it is not about romanticizing poverty. Instead, the collection wants to emphasize that reaching one’s next goal is made easy and possible through the help of people around the community.

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Mintoo Studios: Pioneering NFTs in the Philippines

Tambay NFTs on sale on Mintoo
Tambay NFTs on sale on Mintoo

Mintoo Studios is the creative arm of Mintoo, the popular NFT Marketplace that is powered by local crypto exchange PDAX. 

As per the marketplace, the Mintoo team that led the Tambay OG Project comprises of experienced individuals not only in the NFT and crypto space but also in banking, retail, and the creative industries. JBond, the founder of BAYCkada, a community of Pinoy Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT holders, serves as an advisor to the team. 

Mintoo studios also expressed that it seeks to break the notions that Pinoy NFTs are mere rugs, that NFTs must be expensive, and that the sole focus is on quick financial gains. 

“Mintoo Studios has created the Tambay OG collection as a showcase of what NFTs can actually do, especially in the Filipino context. Hopefully, the NFT collection becomes the case study or playbook that other artists, celebrities, and brands can follow as they build out their own Web3 community-building strategies. In short, mass adoption is the goal,” it affirmed.

Collections in Mintoo

Last March, PDAX collaborated with Mintoo to introduce an NFT platform on the Polygon blockchain which will enable Filipino users to easily purchase digital collectibles and NFTs priced in pesos. 

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