Interview: What to Expect at YGG Web3 Games Summit

Exclusive insights from Mench Dizon, YGG’s Country Manager, on organizing the YGG Web3 Games Summit 2023 and maximizing ROI for attendees.

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  • The interview covered various aspects, including the organization of the event, insights on web3 gaming, and YGG’s approach to maximizing the event’s value.
  • Mench Dizon, Country Manager of YGG Pilipinas, highlighted the benefits of attending the summit, including the opportunity for developers to build networks, investors to identify promising projects, and game developers to market their games. 
  • She also encouraged those considering attendance to seize the chance to meet web3 experts, ask questions, and learn from industry leaders.

After last year’s Philippine Web3 Festival that showcased several web3 games over a period of one week in the Philippines, Yield Guild Games, the pioneering blockchain gaming startup, is set to match the success of last year’s event with YGG Web3 Games Summit, set from Nov 18 to 25, 2023.

What’s different this time around is that YGG is promising that the games that will be showcased at the summit are playable and launching very soon, Mench Dizon, Country Manager of YGG Pilipinas (the guild’s Philippine arm) told BitPinas in an interview.

“If last year we are just talking about the games, this time around we can see the games coming (and) we can play it; the developers are here, they can share the learnings that they have gathered from launching the games across different stages. That is what is truly unique about this experience.”

Mench Dizon, Country Manager, YGG Pilipinas

Some of the games that will be showcased are Axie Infinity, Ragnarok Landverse, Anito Legends, Project Xeno, Pixelmon, Parallel, Mighty Action Heroes, Star Atlas, and The Sandbox. 

Some of the game developers that will be at the summit are NetEase Games, developer of Rules of Survival, Com2us Studios, developer of Summoners War and behind Xpla Games, and more.  

Prominent names that will be going to the Philippines during the Summit are Yat Siu, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin, Co-founder and Growth Lead of Sky Mavis, Rohit Gupta, Co-founder of NYXL, Kyu Lee of Com2Us and Gabby Dizon, Co-founder of YGG.

On organizing the event

Photo for the Article - Interview: What to Expect at YGG Web3 Games Summit
From left: Nathan Marasigan (M Law), Mench Dizon (YGG Pilipinas), Leah Callon-Butler (Emfarsis), Renz Chong (BreederDAO), Jen Bilango (, Jayvee Fernandez (Masayato Games). Check out our recap of the press conference here.

Arguably the web3 climate is different this year than last year. Recent reports suggest that although the sector has received $600 million in investments, this is still 38% lower than the previous quarter and only 30% of the investment seen in 2022.

In addition, on the wider crypto market, the venture capital investments in cryptocurrency companies have declined over 70% in the past year, according to a report by RootData. Moreover, data from CoinGecko also showed that the spot trading volume on centralized exchanges (CEX) for the second quarter of the year fell by 43.2%. In addition, the Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Report noted that the Philippines dropped to sixth place from its previous second-place position in terms of crypto adoption.

This is not lost on the organizers of the YGG Web3 Summit, as Dizon explained the steps they undertook to make the event as accessible to as many people as possible.

“We want to make sure that our audiences, our community, the members of our guild who are in various parts of the country would have an opportunity to view. We want to make sure that the programming is also relevant to them and so we are combining these viewing parties with interactive components so that they feel that they are not just watching but really participating in a meaningful way in the bigger YGG Web3 Summit.”

Mench Dizon, Country Manager, YGG Pilipinas

Ticket tiers and prices are:

  • VIP – $999 or ₱54,945 (Access to all event features, VIP lounges, VIP mixers, dinners and party, special edition swags, dedicated VIP lane at all the events, and more)
  • All Access – $599 (Access to hackathon, conference, game expo, and tournament)
  • Expo and Tournament – $9 or ₱499 (Access to game expo, tournament, and community jam sessions)

This was briefly mentioned by Phee Tejada, YGG’s Business Development Lead, priorly at the August episode of the Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories (BBB) meetup; he noted that individuals that are still unsure about attending events can try purchasing tickets on the lower tiers to “get a feel of what web3 can offer.”

“The best games and thinkers of web3 will come to town and there will (only) be here for a week. They won’t be here for long. So it’s a good chance to meet them, ask questions, and learn from them. So if you’re on the fence, we do have opportunities, promotions that we put out there so the tickets will become more accessible and available to those that would like to take part in this.”

Mench Dizon, Country Manager, YGG Pilipinas

She also elaborated on the measures that YGG took to ensure that the summit would deliver the best possible experience, despite the current bear market conditions.

“What we did or what we continue to do is really lean into the networks that we’ve built over the last few years. We have a very strong game developer network coming from our founder’s history of making games, we are very respected in the web3 space by investors and other founders, we also are very much plugged into the different web3 communities here and abroad; so it’s really harnessing that network and putting together a team that could uniquely bring these different network into this YGG Games Summit.”

Mench Dizon, Country Manager, YGG Pilipinas

Dizon stressed that YGG’s network enabled it to assemble “a very strong caliber of speakers” for the summit. 

ROI in Attending Events

Photo for the Article - Interview: What to Expect at YGG Web3 Games Summit

Physical events faced limitations for roughly two years due to the pandemic, leading to an increased interest on internet resources and online webinars. Although online events offer more convenience, as attendees no longer have to leave their homes, Dizon discussed the return on investment (ROI) for attendees from personally participating in gatherings from different perspectives, such as developers, investors, gamers, and more.

She explained that besides increased exposure for their games, developers can benefit from attending the web3 games summit and similar events by building valuable networks with fellow developers. The expo serves as a means for game developers to achieve a return on investment by promoting and marketing their games to event attendees. It also facilitates knowledge exchange and the potential acquisition of more players.

“It also the network they get to build with fellow developers and that I think is an important community for them as well for them to nurture that developer exchange because as you are a developer/programmer you need a very strong peer group.”

Moreover, she emphasized that investors can gain direct insight into the most promising games and projects for investment, while game developers can connect with compatible investors to secure funding and advance their game development efforts.

“On the learning side of things, it’s an exchange of insights from these different operators and founders. And for those looking for partnerships then it’s a good p2p partners event,” she added.

Advice for people considering to attend but still on the fence

With the YGG Web3 Summit just 25 days away, Dizon shared how YGG is looking forward to bringing its network and its community together in a series of activities that include a 2-day conference, a 3-day expo, a 2-day tournament, a 24-hour hackathon, and several pre-events and side activities..

“We are so excited to put this together and despite the challenge of bringing this to market in a difficult year, we are grateful that the best games are still coming to town,” she concluded.

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