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The Global Filipino Investors Highlight Blockchain and Crypto in Upcoming Conference

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March 10, 2022—The panelists of the virtual press conference of The Global Filipino Investors’ (TGFI) discussed and answered various questions about the current and foreseeable future of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and play-and-earn industries in the Philippines. The hour-long conference was a short foretaste of the upcoming TGFI Let’s Talk About Blockchain-Based Investments on March 19th.

The speakers of the conference include Nix Eniego, Axie Infinity Philippines Lead, Ismael Jerusalem, Ownly Founder, Myrtle Ramos, Blocktides CEO and Atty. Rafael Padilla, Farcove Consulting Legal Director.

Following the mass adoption of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and play-and-earn games, the continuous rise of these industries in the country resulted in many conference attendees inquiring about how the Filipino market and investing entities would handle the adoption.

“It’s not a question of ‘should’, that they (companies) should dive into the metaverse, it must be ‘the companies may consider jumping into the metaverse’ –because as of now, the industry is so volatile.” – Ismael Jerusalem, Ownly Founder

Being the CEO of Ownly, a homegrown metaverse platform, Jerusalem emphasized that prospective investors must first “understand and build a solid foundation” of knowledge about the industries. He also added that future metaverse investors must know its value as it is “the convergence of physical and digital life.” (Read More: Filipino-led NFT Marketplace Ownly Unveils Tokenized Physical Art Collection)

“That being said, the culture we are living now can also be executed in a digital manner. Crypto will play a big part on the metaverse—for us to be able to (utilize) the economic factor of the metaverse.”

Ismael Jerusalem, Ownly
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On the other hand, to answer the sustainability of the blockchain game Axie Infinity, one of the catalyst the mass adoption of blockchain activity in the country, the Philippine-Lead Nix Eniego stated that although it is still susceptible to market volatility, they take pride in being the leading blockchain play-and-earn game.

“Our team heavily focuses on the long-term sustainability of the economy. When you think about it, the sustainability of Axie is simply a function of balancing the economy and providing value as a game itself.”

Nix Eniego, Axie Infinity

Answering a question about the number of current Axie players and demographic, Eniego stated that they are currently at the four million mark, where the majority, the early adopters, are still situated in the Philippines. He also added that Axie Infinity looks forward to onboard “millions of Filipinos” and global players as they release the free-to-play version of the game, Axie Infinity: Origins.

Moreover, the speakers also answered other questions about play-and-earn games, Blocktides CEO Myrtle Ramos stated that the gaming industry is already big in the country and that “there are a lot of players in the Philippines even without play-to-earn.”

“The responsibility falls on the companies to make the people informed. They (investors and/or players) just need guidance.”

Myrtle Ramos, BlockTides

Ramos and Atty. Rafael Padilla also pointed out that investors and players who look into venturing the space must first make sure that they are dealing with regulated and verified entities. They reiterated that investors must always do their own due diligence.

What is TGFI BlockCon 2022?

It is a 1-day, free to attend, virtual discussion on Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and everything about blockchain-based investments and how it is revolutionizing businesses and altering how society operates in the digital economy.

Photo for the Article - The Global Filipino Investors Highlight Blockchain and Crypto in Upcoming Conference

Their speakers include the above mentioned panel, as well as Yield Guild Games Country Manager Luis Beunaventura, Axie Infinity C-founder Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin, Ark of DreamsCEO and Co-founder Angeline Viray, Ark of Dreams Founder Jason Dela Rosa, ByBit Head of Communications Igneus Terrenus, Crypto Gaming Institute & AFKDAO Founder Ben Gothard, and MetaDhana Studio CEO Mikhail Peñalosa.

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