A List of Blockchain Businesses and Crypto Companies in the Philippines

Get to know the leading blockchain businesses and cryptocurrency-related companies which are based or has a presence in the Philippines!

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The blockchain is not only limited to digital currency but can also be used in other industries. Here in the Philippines, you might have heard about Coins.ph, and Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI Ventures) since we feature them a lot here in BitPinas. These are consumer-facing startups that deal with the virtual exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat money and vice versa. Transferring money is just one of the blockchain’s key use-case scenario. It can support and disrupts more industries, be it rewards, remittances, and even real estate!

In the Philippines, there are more businesses, firms, and foundations that use the blockchain for a number of different services. Let’s check them out here. (By the way, if you are not familiar with the blockchain, check out this article).

This article had a major update on September 19, 2018.

Photo for the Article - A List of Blockchain Businesses and Crypto Companies in the Philippines

Blockchain Businesses and Companies in the Philippines

Blockchain Directory Philippines

Note: Comment below if you want your company to get listed. Your company must have a presence in the Philippines for us to list you here. You can also modify or add your own company descriptions. Just let us know.

Company Known For Location
Acudeen Account Receivables Marketplace on the Blockchain Makati
Appsolutely LoyalCoin Pasig
Betur Inc., Coins.ph Wallet, Coins Pro Pasig
BlockchainSpace Blockchain-dedicated CoWorking Space Makati
Bloom Solutions BloomX, Remittance on the blockchain Makati
CashCart CashCart Shopping Platform, CCNX Quezon City
C Estates Real Estate Blockchain Platform BGC, Taguig
Cypher Odin Botcoin Makati
Etranns GOW Exchange Makati
MediXserve Electronic Medical Records on the Blockchain Pasig City
MergeCommit Andromeda Exchange BGC, Taguig
NEM Philippines NEM Platform Pasig
Paylance Paylance Exchange Quezon City
Pearl Pay Mobile Wallet Ecosystem
PDAX PDAX Exchange BGC, Taguig
Plutus Financial Inc Abra Wallet Manila
Qwikwire Aqwire Real Estate on the Blockchain Makati
Salarium Salpay Makati
Satoshi Citadel Industries Buybitcoin.ph, Citadax Exchange, Bitbit Wallet Makati
Searchfuse Denarii Cash Wallet Manila
Tagcash Tagcash Wallet, TagFunder Makati
Traxion “Bank in a Wallet”, “Xoalition” Pasig
Virtual Currency Philippines Inc VHCEX Exchange Makati
Zybi Tech Inc Licensed Crypto Exchange (not yet publicly disclosed) Pasay


Abra has a buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum app in the country. Users can fund their accounts through pawnshops and then easily convert fiat money into bitcoin. The app can act as a mobile bitcoin and ethereum wallet. (Official Website)


A company engaged in creating rewards platforms for its clients, Appsolutely is the firm behind LoyalCoin. Its founder and CEO Mr. Patrick Palacios recognized how blockchain technology can help in customer loyalty, thus the LoyalCoin is born. The project, whose full suite of products include the LoyalPlatform, LoyalCoin (LYL), and LoyalWallet recently finished its Token Generation Event, selling over 4.750 billion LYL tokens around the world. (Official Website)


BlockchainSpace is the first blockchain-dedicated coworking space in the Philippines. It is an initiative by SCI Ventures and Acceler8 by UnionSPACE, both leaders in their fields. BlockchainSpace organizes events every month related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. The events are labeled so that attendees can expect if the topic is for beginners, intermediate, or advance blockchain learners. (Official Website)

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Bloom Solutions

A company launched in 2015 by Mr. Luis Buenaventura, Bloom Solutions’ aim is to make remittances more efficient by providing a fast, safe, and secure way of doing it. Currently, the company has remittance corridors in Australia, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Mr. Buenaventura also shared that they do not intend to compete with remittance companies but to make their businesses more efficient by using the blockchain technology. (Official Website)


Betur Inc (Coins.ph) started in 2014 and backed by Naspers Ventures. Filipinos can easily buy bitcoins (and ether to selected users) by downloading the Coins.ph app. Exchange fiat to bitcoin through convenience stores, bank transfers, remittance outlets, etc. Coins.ph can also be used to pay mobile load and utility bills. (Official Website)

Global Crypto Hub

Recently opened in the metro, Global Crypto Hub Co-Founder Mr. Jagdish Pandya, also aims to launch an ICO called Usereum. Its primary use-case is for day-to-day payment of bills and utilities.


MergeCommit develops customized enterprise-grade blockchain-based solutions for businesses. Through its “Cerberus Program”, it can help develop crypto exchanges, ICO campaigns, and smart contracts. (Official Website)


Filipinos can now get their hands on bitcoin and ether through over-the-counter transactions with the help of Moneybees.ph. As of this writing, Moneybees has five over-the-counter locations and transactions should be familiar to those who frequent money changers and remittance centers. Moneybees.ph’s owner is Mr. Jay Ricky Villarante, the founder of Paylance and 8Ventures Pte Ltd. (Official Website)

NEM Philippines

The NEM Foundation has a presence in the country through NEM Philippines. While its team is the one responsible for the foundation’s business dealings in the country, NEM’s other, and probably more important mission is to promote awareness and correct knowledge about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain. (Facebook Page)


Paylance, also found by Mr. Jay Villarante, allows businesses and individual to settle payrolls and payments through its platform. All users can fund their accounts with PHP, USD, and bitcoin. (Paylance)


Philippine Digital Asset Exchange is planning to build a cryptocurrency exchange in the country. The company is targeting a 2018 release date for its platform that allows Filipinos to trade fiat (Philippine Peso) to tokens such as bitcoin and ethereum.

PDAX is set to leverage the same order-matching technology used in stock exchanges to match buyers and sellers. In this way, users can set their own prices when trading crypto. (Official Website)


Qwikwire is currently developing AQwire. AQwire is a property developer’s friend that allows one to sell units to people all over the world. It is a real-estate transactions platform using the blockchain technology. By using AQwire, you don’t need to worry about updating all sites about the status of the sale.

Currently, the company has announced its ICO pre-sale on February 26, 2018 under the token name Qey. The ICO will start on March 26, 2018.


Making salaries easier with Salarium. It is a payments solutions company aimed at SMEs like BPOs, manufacturing, retail, IT, etc. Through the SALPay ecosystem, it helps over 500 companies with more than 10,000 employees with their timekeeping and payroll solutions. Aside from that, Salarium is also integrating a blockchain remittance service to receive payments from multi-national businesses across the globe. (Salarium)

Satoshi Citadel Industries

Since 2014, SCI Ventures aims to build a blockchain ecosystem in the country. Currently, it has Rebit for remittances, Buy Bitcoin for BTC buy and sell, Bitbit.cash for BTC wallet, and Keza for investing in the international stock market using BTC. (Official Website)


Founded by Mr. Mark Vernon, a British entrepreneur, Tagcash is a micropayments platform and a company that builds apps, websites, and application program interface (API) for fintech. Its aim is to help the regulators with an easy management of money and private currencies for rewards and tokens. (Official Website)

Do you know of other businesses that we are not able to cover in this article? Let us know by checking our inquiry page.

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