TZ APAC Launches Fortify Labs: A Web3 Startup Studio

Learn about TZ APAC’s Fortify Labs, a web3 startup accelerator program, that aims to give support, resources, and potential funding for emerging web3 firms.

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  • TZ APAC launches web3 startup studio, Fortify Labs, for its startup accelerator program, inviting web3 startups to apply until February 16, 2024.
  • The program, running from March to October 2024, consists of two phases: building the minimum viable product (MVP) in Phase 1 and focusing on growth in Phase 2.
  • Teams beyond the ideation stage, aiming to launch by Q3 2024, are encouraged to apply.

TZ APAC, the Asian adoption entity for the Tezos blockchain, recently announced the launch of its web3 startup studio, Fortify Labs, welcoming new firms into its program.

Fortify Labs

According to the website, registration for Fortify Labs is open until 16 February 2024. Web3 startups are invited to apply to TZ APAC’s startup accelerator program, which it noted has already helped over 30 firms such as Quurk and Acxyn.

The application submission window will be open for a month. The program will run from March to October 2024.

In Phase 1, startups will build their minimum viable product (MVP) with a stack of resources. In Phase 2, they will focus on growth by fortifying their go-to-market strategy and attracting future clients.

Accordingly, TZ APAC noted that successful applicants will receive benefits such as Developer Hours, Design Hours, and Cloud Credits, which are all paid services but TZ APAC will shoulder the expenses.

They will also become part of a community of product testers and early adopters, gain access to the global Tezos ecosystem, and receive legal advisory and contracts. 

In addition, joining the accelerator will also provide opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and potential funding support (subject to eligibility, based on ecosystem contribution). Furthermore, the companies will also be able to connect with prominent venture capitals in the TZ APAC network and benefit from invaluable advisory and mentorship throughout their journey.

Photo for the Article - TZ APAC Launches Fortify Labs: A Web3 Startup Studio

Who should apply?

TZ APAC is seeking teams that have progressed beyond the ideation stage and are actively developing a product. 

Ideally, teams should be prepared to launch their product with Fortify Labs’ support by Q3 2024 and aim for profitability shortly thereafter.

Interested applicants may register here.

The application form asks for details such as thecompany’s name, description, website, founders’ information, product description, competitive landscape, revenue model, user details, current project stage, and any participation in incubators or accelerators. 

Previous Cohorts

TZ APAC have already work with startups such as game-based learning 2.0 company Quurk, Sri Lankan web3 and blockchain firm HyperGlade, open and green digital art platform akaSwap, non-fungible token (NFT) launchpad GasPack, web3 search engine Adot, and gaming IP tokenization platform Acxyn.

Each of the companies has been recognized by TZ APAC as independent thriving entities noting in the website articles demonstrating their emerging success through obtaining funding, forming partnerships with larger organizations, and garnering recognition within the web3 industry.

“akaSwap had collaborated with @TzApac to showcase Chaos & AI Research, a generative art live minting system based on #Tezos in @ArtSciMuseum, an iconic beacon where art meets technology. They also spare no effort to provide support to the global Tezos ecosystem. Pretty excited about the big program,” akaSwap wrote about Fortify Labs. 


TZ APAC is a Singapore-based Tezos hub that aims to further push the adoption of Tezos blockchain in Asia Pacific.

It provides services such as capital deployment, resource development, strategic advisory, project management, and marketing, supporting enterprises and individuals in leveraging the Tezos blockchain. 

Recently, Tezos Philippines, in collaboration with TZ APAC, hosted the 3rd Annual Tezmas, a global digital art minting contest. Artists worldwide participated, creating NFTs embodying diverse cultural Christmas celebrations. With over 100 entries from various countries, the artworks focused on the iconic parol (Christmas Lantern). The top five winners received a combined prize pool of $1,500 in tez. 

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