YGG Announces Strategic Partnership with Iskra

Learn about YGG’s strategic partnership with Iskra, a web3 gaming hub, integrating quests and offering rewarding experiences.

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  • YGG and Iskra have formed a strategic partnership, integrating YGG’s questing systems into Iskra.
  • Iskra is a blockchain gaming hub with over four million wallets and 100,000 monthly active users.
  • The partnership, formalized with an MOU, involves collaborative efforts in marketing campaigns and user engagement through Discord events and AMAs.

In a newly formed strategic partnership, homegrown web3 gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) will integrate its questing systems into Iskra, a blockchain gaming hub with over four million wallets and 100,000 monthly active users (MAU). 

YGG x Iskra

Photo for the Article - YGG Announces Strategic Partnership with Iskra

The two entities formalized their partnership with a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The agreement outlines collaborative efforts, including:

  • Joint marketing campaigns through Discord events and Ask-me-anything (AMA)
  • Boosting user engagement through the implementation of YGG’s questing systems
  • Incorporating quests into Iskra-affiliated games


YGG has also exchanged some of its own tokens (YGG tokens) for ISK tokens, which are used in the Iskra ecosystem, via a YGG/ISK swap.

  • This swap allows YGG to buy things and pay for services within the Iskra ecosystem.
  • Additionally, owning ISK tokens lets YGG take part in making decisions in Iskra’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), representing the interests of the YGG community.

The gaming hub Iskra is noted to be supported by huge entities such as LINE, Kakao, Wemade, and Netmarble. 

What’s in store for Quests participants

  • Participants in the quests will have the opportunity to earn achievements in the form of Soulbound non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which will enhance their reputation within YGG.
  • Further, they can acquire in-game assets from titles like Clashmon: Ignition, Norma in Metaland, Three Kingdoms Multiverse, and WOW Casino.

YGG in Iskra DAO

Furthermore, YGG will engage in governance through the Iskra DAO on behalf of its community and hold the status of a Pioneer NFT holder, gaining access to the Iskra Community Tier System, which rewards community members based on their contributions to the platform.

“We understand how significant the Southeast Asian market is for web3 adoption and believe that the Iskra platform will play a significant role in onboarding gamers and developers alike. This partnership marks an important step for web3 gaming, as we get to show how effective the questing model is through Iskra’s growing platform of web3 titles.”

Gabby Dizon, Co-Founder, YGG

He also expressed anticipation for YGG’s development of more compelling quests that will secure player retention, cultivate their on-chain reputation, and actively contribute to a collective vision for the ecosystem.

“We are pleased to enter into this collaboration to concentrate our strengths on activating Iskra’s game and community economy, as well as building a successful web3 experience for YGG members.”

Eugene Lee, CEO, Iskra

Quest System

First introduced in July last year, SUPERQUEST is a campaign allowing members to learn and earn in-game rewards in web3 games–its first partner is the popular NFT game Axie Infinity. 

Following this, YGG also developed quests for other web3 games, including Pixels, Big Time, and My Pet Hooligan.

In early 2023, the guild raised $13.8 million via a soulbound reputation tokens sale to support their decentralization initiatives such as the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) which incentivizes members that make contributions to their community. Currently, YGG accomplished four seasons of GAP.

What is Iskra?

Iskra x Base Side Event During Korea Blockchain Week 2023 (KBW2023)

Iskra, founded in 2021, is a web3 gaming hub offering blockchain game applications, enabling users to establish communities. It is built on a decentralized blockchain network, which allows the launchpad to provide enhanced transparency, security, and user control over data and assets.

The platform features on-chain games, a wallet, a decentralized exchange, a marketplace, and a launchpad.

According to a statement, successfully raised over $40 million in seed investments and established strategic partnerships with notable entities such as Agate, Vietnam’s VeriChain, and Coinbase for its Ethereum Layer 2 project, Base. Led by CEO Eugene Lee and backed by a seasoned team in the gaming industry, Iskra seeks to transform the gaming landscape through its comprehensive on-chain platform. 

Photo for the Article - YGG Announces Strategic Partnership with Iskra
Iskra CEO Eugene Lee, YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon, Iskra Chief Business Officer Ben Colayco

Eugene Lee, the CEO of Iskra, is notable for launching two blockchain projects and working on the Icon project, known as the “Korean Ethereum”. He also developed the LINE LINK blockchain project, later renamed Finschia.

Ben Colayco, the Chief Business Officer at Iskra, has a history of pioneering online gaming in emerging markets and was instrumental in popularizing Ragnarok in the Philippines through Level Up!, which became a major player in the online gaming industry there. This success included unique marketing strategies and collaborations with major brands like Coca-Cola.

Bob Kim, Senior Vice President at Iskra, focuses on the gaming aspect of Iskra’s business. He brings over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, including roles at Netmarble and Hangame, and has expertise in mergers and acquisitions.

Spike Ryu, the Chief Operating Officer at Iskra, handles the platform business and service planning. He has a background in global game services, working with companies like Disney Interactive and LINE EA, and was involved in the Central Bank Digital Currency project for the Bank of Korea.

The statement also noted that the team behind Iskra brings decades of combined experience and specialized expertise in the gaming industry, building game networks for global brands such as Disney, Nexon, Netmarble, Tencent and Hangame. Franco Araneta, a former social media and community lead of local crypto platform Coins.ph, also joined the Iskra team as its Community Growth Lead.

YGG News

Last year, the gaming guild successfully organized the Web3 Games Summit (W3GS) in Taguig City. The summit featured a Web3 Game Jam hackathon, a two-day conference, and a three-day expo, culminating in the XENO PRO TOUR MANILA 2023. The event garnered over 5,300 attendees and showcased insights from 90 international speakers. 

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