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Web3PH Hosts Gathering for Tech Leaders

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With a mission to push the country forward by empowering the next generation of builders, creators, and founders in the web3 space, the Filipino-led blockchain community Web3PH hosted Panimula, an “exclusive gathering for key technology figures from both the public and private sectors.”

The gathering, which happened on January 26, 2024, was held in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and ICP.Hub Philippines. 

Web3PH Hosts Panimula

In a statement, Web3PH shared that Panimula was attended by different personalities from different government bodies, private enterprises, and crypto-focused community organizations.

Moreover, the gathering was said to be not just a community meetup, but also a strategic arena for these stakeholders to explore potential partnerships. 

According to the community, the event caused the technology sector to lay the groundwork for sustained growth:

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“The collaboration between Web3PH, DICT, and ICP.Hub Philippines for the gathering underscored the significance of unified efforts in driving innovation and cultivating a thriving tech ecosystem for all.” 

Program Proper

During the event, DICT-Industry Development Bureau (DICT-IDB) Director Emmy Lou Delfin urged the present stakeholders to utilize technology to open opportunities for Filipinos: 

“As we stand at this crossroads, the possibilities are boundless. The enthusiasm of everyone present today reflects the incredible potential that these technologies hold—the power to reshape industries, economies, and most importantly, the lives of fellow Filipinos.” 

This was seconded by Web3PH Core Member Bea Llana, adding that the gathering of government bodies, private enterprises, and crypto-focused community organizations is the start of different initiatives the will benefit Filipinos. 

“By bringing together government, private enterprises, and community organizations, we create a space for all these separated bodies to connect and have meaningful discussions—all for the single goal of taking coordinated steps to web3 adoption,” Llana stressed. 

Another Web3PH core member, Justin Wee, then presented the community’s calendar of activities, which comprises a series of events “strategically designed” to engage various stakeholders—builders, creatives, and normies, among others. 

As per Wee, stakeholders are welcome to join the activities mentioned that can strengthen their goal to foster collaboration among all participating entities.

“Being for the community, it is only necessary that these events are powered by the community itself. We want to involve everyone in the planning and execution of these events to ensure that the initiatives are aligned with the needs and aspirations of those we inevitably serve,” he explained.

Web3PH’s Future Events

Earlier in January, Web3PH shared with BitPinas its calendar of events that it will be hosting this year. 

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According to Web3PH, each of these events aims to promote collaboration, facilitate policy-making, foster industry growth, and encourage community engagement. 

Web3PH’s Upcoming events include: 

  • Crypto Night — These upcoming community meetups for crypto enthusiasts will be in February and May. In October 2022, a Crypto Night was held in collaboration with Binance. 
  • The Beauty of Crypto — This event, to be held in March, will be about merging technology and aesthetics. 
  • CODECAMP — Scheduled in July, CODECAMP is an initiative that aims to onboard a million Filipinos into web3. 
  • UNDOXXED — Slated for September, this meetup will be a token-gated event. 
  • Web3PH Summit —While the summit was not able to push through last year, the community teases that this year’s Web3PH summit will be in October.
  • Block Party — Making its debut last YGG W3GS, Web3PH highlighted that the party will be back in November.

“The emergence of Web3 represents one of the most important moments in technology—arguably as important as when people started using the internet,” the community advertised. 

“Through education, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, Web3PH aims to empower Filipinos to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.”

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