Filipino-led Game Studio XOVOX Labs Partners with The Sandbox

As a recognized Sandbox partner, XOVOX has early access to exclusive content and seek collabs with brands and IPs interested in the Metaverse.

Filipino-led Game Studio XOVOX Labs Partners with The Sandbox
  • XOVOX Labs became the first Filipino game studio to build on the Sandbox Metaverse platform.
  • As a recognized partner agency, XOVOX Labs gains exclusive early access to Sandbox’s gated content and increased visibility to brands and IPs interested in the Metaverse.
  • XOVOX Labs is actively seeking partnerships with brands and IPs looking to enter the Metaverse, offering guidance and support throughout the process.

The Philippine-based game development studio focusing on non-fungible tokens (NFT) and Augmented Reality (AR) becomes the first local outfit to be “officially” building in the Sandbox Metaverse platform. 

XOVOX Labs in the Sandbox Partner Program

XOVOX Labs’ CEO Emmanuel Lorenzo “El” Bonuan told BitPinas that following months of effort, the game studio successfully completed the rigorous testing phase held from May to June and has officially registered in Sandbox’s partner directory this month. 

Bonuan expressed excitement and gratitude as one of the pioneering game studios from the Philippines to enter the Sandbox Metaverse platform, noting that this recognition is “an honor to be recognized and inducted into their ecosystem of partnered agencies, brands, and IPs.”

“As far as we know, we’re the only duly recognized studio here in the Philippines in the program. This means a lot to us because our goal has always been to educate, on board, and build – in and for the Metaverse. Getting to partner with an industry giant like the Sandbox gives us the validation that we’re making a positive impact for all Filipinos in the space!” he stated.

According to him, as a recognized partner agency in Sandbox’s directory, XOVOX LABS has been granted exclusive early access to Sandbox’s gated content, allowing them to test upcoming features before their public release. The firm will also be able to enjoy enhanced visibility to brands and intellectual properties interested in entering the Metaverse as well as being able to propose games, experiences, and assets to be published officially by the Sandbox.

Consequently, XOVOX LABS shared that it is currently seeking brands and intellectual properties interested in entering the Metaverse through Sandbox. Their aim is to assist these entities throughout the entire process, offering guidance and support to ensure a successful entry into the Metaverse.

Sandbox Partner Program

The partner program is open for brands, studios, and independent creators; it looks forward to helping these entities develop their brand image, games, and other web3 endeavors into the Sandbox ecosystem–partners will have 100% access to their platform.

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual world that fosters a community-driven ecosystem, enabling creators, artists, and players to monetize their digital assets and gaming experiences through blockchain technology. With its metaverse platform, users can immerse themselves in a digital environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and self-expression. Additionally, users have the opportunity to purchase virtual land and design their own games and events within the expansive metaverse.

Recent XOVOX news

Miccolo Solis, Chief Marketing Officer of XOVOX Labs, and his partner Ruth Jimenez incorporated augmented reality (AR) and non-fungible token (NFT) technology into their wedding celebration. As a web3 influencer and with Miccolo’s expertise at XOVOX Labs, the couple created a unique hybrid experience that seamlessly blended the virtual and real world. 

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