How to Get Web3 and Crypto Jobs: Top Skill Sets Needed According to Filipinos

“A deep dive into the crucial skills needed for Filipinos to enter the crypto and web3 industry – financial trading, marketing, software engineering, and art/music creativity.

How to Get Web3 and Crypto Jobs - Top Skill Sets Needed According to Filipinos
  • A recent study revealed the top skills Filipinos perceived as necessary for entering the crypto and web3 industry.
  • The top 4 skills are financial trading, marketing, software engineering and creativity in art and music.
  • These skills will help future venturers to navigate market volatility, drive awareness, develop and maintain blockchain networks, and contribute to the emerging NFT art industry.

The Philippines is seen worldwide as one of the leading countries in terms of web3 adoption to date, in a recent study Filipinos shared what they think are the top skills needed for one to enter and participate in the crypto and web3 industry. 

The research revealed that FIlipinos perceive that one needs to be proficient in financial trading, marketing, software engineering, and creativity in art/music as necessary talent to enter the industry.

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Data from ‘Global Survey on Crypto and Web3’

Financial Trading

Cryptocurrency, much like fiat, involves the buying, selling, and exchange of assets; for someone to be able to engage in the web3 ecosystem, they will need  financial trading skills to navigate market volatility, manage risks, capitalize on profit opportunities, stay informed, execute trades efficiently, and effectively manage cryptocurrency portfolios. Moreover, being literate in financial trading will allow crypto investors to foster market efficiency, liquidity, price discovery, and investment opportunities. 

The claims are also agreed upon by selected Filipinos surveyed. According to the data, 43% of them believe that a person needs to have expertise in financial trading as a primary skill set to participate in web3 or crypto. By developing this skill, individuals can increase their chances of success in the dynamic crypto market.

Volatility is one of the main reasons why people are having second thoughts before actually engaging with the cryptocurrency space. With prices often experiencing significant fluctuations in short periods, trading skills will help individuals navigate and take advantage of these price movements to generate profits. Understanding technical analysis, chart patterns, and indicators can aid in identifying potential entry and exit points.


As the crypto industry is still a fairly developing industry, marketing skills are essential to drive awareness, build trust, engage communities, establish brand identity, attract investors, facilitate token sales and exchanges, and navigate regulatory challenges. Effective marketing strategies contribute to the growth, adoption, and success of crypto projects and the broader crypto ecosystem.

Effective marketing campaigns will further drive the awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency through educating and informing potential users, investors, and businesses about the benefits and opportunities in the space.

In addition, as crypto projects mostly thrive on community support and engagement, marketing skills are necessary to promote and grow communities around specific cryptocurrencies or blockchain initiatives. Marketing efforts include developing and executing strategies to engage with community members, providing regular updates, addressing concerns, and incentivizing participation.

According to the survey results, 17% of the Filipinos surveyed believe that having marketing skills is vital in entering a career in the web3 industry. Currently, there are several web3 companies that have opened vacancies on marketing-related positions–among the companies are local crypto exchange PDAX, financial firm Tala, e-wallet GCash, and others

Software Engineering

Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology and  following the rapid adoption of blockchain technology worldwide in recent years, having software engineering expertise will be valuable for developing and maintaining blockchain networks. This includes designing and implementing the underlying protocols, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, and security features that power cryptocurrencies.

Software engineers are also vital in the development of smart contracts– self-executing agreements that run on blockchain networks often used in decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The said skills are needed to write and deploy smart contracts, ensuring they function as intended and are secure from vulnerabilities or exploits. 

Software engineering skills are also vital in the cryptocurrency industry for  wallet and application development, scalability and performance optimization, security and auditing, integration with existing systems, and driving innovation– all are essential for building and maintaining the technological infrastructure that powers cryptocurrencies and enables the broader adoption of blockchain technology.

As per the study, 17% of Filipinos also think this skill is needed to engage in crypto and web3 projects. As of writing, companies like Shardeum, AAG Ventures, ConsenSys, Overmind, GCash, Binance, Kyber Network, and Five9 are hiring for software engineering-related jobs.

Creativity and Art/Music

Along with the surge in popularity of play-to-earn games in 2021 is also the rise of the NFT art industry. Several NFT artists from the Philippines emerged and it is probably why 7% of the Pinoys in the survey also believed that creativity in art and/or music is necessary to thrive in the web3 space.

Recently, TZ APAC head of growth David Tng stated that NFTs bring value to the country  through intellectual property and their ability to store transaction data on the blockchain. He identified blockchain games and NFT artworks as the two main drivers expected to lead to mass adoption of the NFT industry in the country.

Locally, several entities and personalities have ventured into NFTs such as art galleries Galeria Paloma and Leon Gallery, media company ABS-CBN, art event Art Fair PH, bank UnionBank, celebrities like Manny Pacquiao, Heart Evangelista, Pia Wurtzbach, Verlin Santos, Yassi Pressman and the Norwood siblings, and more.

Music NFTs are also now active in the Philippines, with singers and bands such as Nadine Lustre, Kris Lawrence, Kuh Ledesma, Ely Buendia, and Moonstar88.

Accordingly, creativity, art, and music skills are all sought after in the crypto industry as these are necessary for creating unique and valuable NFT artwork, designing user-friendly interfaces for NFT marketplaces and DApps, branding and marketing crypto projects, producing music NFTs, developing blockchain-based games and virtual worlds, and driving innovation and user engagement in the crypto ecosystem.

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Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Crypto Engagement in the Philippines

In conclusion, Filipinos believe that skills in financial trading, marketing, software engineering, and creativity in art/music are crucial in the crypto and web3 industry. These skills help navigate market volatility, drive awareness, develop and maintain blockchain networks, and contribute to the emerging NFT art industry. 

And to participate more effectively in the crypto space, it is crucial to continuously develop and enhance certain skills. Overall, the abovementioned skills play a vital role in driving innovation and the broader adoption of blockchain technology in the country.

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