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Developed by established individuals behind the ETH project, Cardano recently made it to the top 10 altcoins in Coinmarketcap. With ADA as its coin name, what is the Cardano Project? More importantly, how can we buy Cardano in the Philippines? Actually, there are at least three ways but we like to write here what actually works based on our experience. Let’s proceed with the article to find out.

This article had a minor update on October 2, 2018.

Cardano Overview

Developed by ETH project co-founder Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is a new blockchain project designed to offer faster transactions and solid security.

Note: Cardano is the name of the project while ADA is the name of the cryptocurrency. Just like Ethereum is the project and Ether is the token.

Cardano wants to become the blockchain that will run financial services that everyday individuals use today. It is also built in such a way that software updates to the platform will run smoothly.

More importantly, Cardano is built based on the current situation where regulators want to, well, regulate the cryptocurrency industry. You don’t need to look outside. In the Philippines, we have the SEC that is currently studying ways to regulate ICOs. In Cardano, users will still have privacy with the transactions they do on the platform while there are systems that will check and make sure everything is compliant with existing laws. Doing this, Cardano believes, will allow the project to be more accepted and therefore be able to provide greater financial inclusion for all, without suffering regulatory setbacks.

How to Buy Cardano in the Philippines

Just to be clear, you don’t actually buy Cardano. You buy ADA, the token that powers the project. So how to buy ADA in the Philippines?

Buy ADA in Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Buy ADA in Binance

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in terms of volume. Register for Binance here.

You can purchase ADA from Binance through P2P. This is the simplest out of the options mentioned in this article. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in or register to Binance
  2. Go to its P2P page
  3. Find a seller of USDT for your PHP
  4. Transfer USDT from Binance P2P to Binance Spot
  5. Find ADA/USDT Pair
  6. Trade

Here is our step-by-step guide to buy crypto using Binance P2P: How to Use Binance P2P to Buy Bitcoin, USDT in the Philippines

Buy ADA in Abra

Abra supports depositing fiat via local banks and through credit cards. You can exchange bitcoins for ADA within the Abra App. Should in case you want to cash out, you can do via partner merchants like Tambunting.

Step by Step Guide to Buy ADA from the Philippines using Bittrex

  1. Send Bitcoin from your or Abra accounts to your BTC wallet in Bittrex.
    1. You can also use and use the Bittrex BTC wallet as your destination address.
  2. Go to Bittrex’ ADA page.
  3. Buy ADA using instructions from this article.
  4. Depending on how much worth of ADA do you want, proceed to transfer your ADA coins in an ADA wallet.

Cardano Wallet

(Last updated 2018) Your ADA coins can be kept in the Daedalus Wallet, provided by Cardano in their website. The wallet is encrypted and has protection against malware and other threats. This can only be downloaded on a computer. But Cardano promises mobile support (as well as Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Support) in the future.

Also in the future, the Daedalus Wallet will have features that will allow ADA holders to earn more ADA.

Can I keep ADA in Binance?

You actually can, but ask everyone and they will recommend keeping your coins in a wallet and not in an exchange. Exchanges trade millions worth of bitcoin and altcoins every day, so they are prime target of hackers.

Other ways to buy ADA?

Many exchanges allow purchasing ADA

  • Bitrex
  • OKEx

Can you keep your ADA at or Bitbit?



Cardano’s vision to become the platform for the unbanked will certainly resonate with many. If you think Cardano’s vision resonates with you, then you should consider supporting it.

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