Axie Infinity Launches Play-to-Airdrop With Weekly 10K AXS Rewards

Dubbed play-to-airdrop without grinding, Axie Infinity is giving out 10K AXS rewards weekly.

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Sky Mavis, developers of Axie Infinity, have launched the Daily Bounty Board, a new feature that offers players the ability to earn AXS, the game’s token, through daily tasks.

The game can be downloaded here:

This board is part of an evolving quest system intended to reward players regularly for their engagement with the game.

Daily Bounty Board Details

The Daily Bounty Board functions as a platform where players can earn rewards through various in-game activities, accumulating points that can be exchanged for AXS tokens.

Jeffrey Zirlin, co-founder of Sky Mavis, emphasizes that this system is designed to be accessible to anyone owning at least three Axies, promoting broader participation and daily interaction with blockchain technology.

Available Bounties and Their Requirements

  • Pray to Atia: Earn 15 points by signing in and praying to Atia, which can be completed quickly and without any prerequisites.
  • Roll a Pouch: This task rewards 30 points and requires players to roll a Lucky or Premium Pouch at the Garuda Shrine Shop, needing a collectible Axie.
  • Win 1 PvP Battle in Axie Classic: Completing this task earns players 35 points. Verification of battle results through the Bounty Board is mandatory.
  • Win 1 PvP Battle in Axie Origins: Similarly, this also grants 35 points and requires verification after winning the battle.

Players must verify each task on the Bounty Board upon completion to ensure their points are recorded.

Earning and Claiming AXS Rewards

The system calculates the share of the weekly reward pool based on the proportion of total points a player earns relative to the entire ecosystem. For example, if a player earns 70 points and the total community points are 700,000, they receive a share corresponding to their contribution from the weekly AXS allocation.

Is this Play-to-Airdrop Without Grinding?

Sky Mavis Growth Lead Nix Eniego thinks so. In a tweet, Eniego suggests that the new campaign could motivate former players of Axie Infinity to return to the game.

Implementation and Future Plans

Zirlin noted that the current setup of the Daily Bounty Board is an initial version, with plans to expand and diversify the tasks based on player feedback and participation rates.

The feature might evolve to include more complex quests and potentially serve as a gauge for active involvement within the Axie ecosystem, influencing elements like whitelist spots for future games, airdrop eligibility, and other rewards.

Recent Axie Infinity News

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Launches Play-to-Airdrop With Weekly 10K AXS Rewards

Previously a clunky system that requires manual tooling and spreadsheets, Sky Mavis eliminated the need for such after introducing an in-game guild system. Playes can now join or create guilds which offer features like deposits and vaults.

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Launches Play-to-Airdrop With Weekly 10K AXS Rewards

In the Philippines, Sky Mavis has partnered with GCash for integrating the RON token in its GCrypto platform.

RON is available across major locally licensed crypto exchange, including and PDAX.

State of Axie Infinity and Ronin in the Philippines 2024 - BitPinas Webcast 39

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