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May 13, 2020 Updated

There are different ways to buy ethereum in the Philippines. Luckily, there are now easier ways to trade ether just like how we purchase bitcoins.

Bitpinas. By now, you already know that bitcoin is not the only big cryptocurrency in the world. One of the most popular is Ethereum’s Ether. While the conversion is not that high compared to the Bitcoin to PHP right now, there’s definitely room for growth for this hot cryptocurrency.

This article had a minor update on October 3, 2018.

buy ethereum philippines

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform that wants to decentralize existing platform models on the Internet today. Projects can be built on top of the Ethereum platform, and they will all be decentralized.

To understand, think Gmail. We use the Gmail software for email. Google holds all the data on its servers. But what if Google’s Gmail servers crashed? What if Gmail shuts down? Then all our data, all our emails are gone forever. Also, if by any chance Google becomes a bad company, it can delete our emails for no reason at all.

Within apps and software on the ethereum platform, the control of your data goes back to you. Via the blockchain, the data is in a unified ledger. It is decentralized. So if one part of the blockchain shuts down, your data is still there because it is decentralized (each part of the blockchain has your data, but only you can access it).

It’s like Google Docs where you, me, and Gino (a writer at Bitpinas), can write words. However, I can only edit the words I wrote and can’t do anything with the words you wrote. Similarly, you cannot edit whatever I wrote, but you can do it with yours. (This is the simplest analogy I can think of right now).

So what’s the difference between bitcoin and ethereum?

They differ in purpose. Bitcoin is built to facilitate decentralized digital cash transactions. Ethereum is built to allow users to create decentralized applications.

How to Buy Ethereum in the Philippines

So how can we buy Ethereum in the Philippines? Technically, we don’t buy ethereum. What we’re buying is “ether“, the so-called fuel in the ethereum network. Think of it as the token you buy to purchase something in the Ethereum network. It is also the reward given to people who add something valuable to the network. Or simply, if the bitcoin network has “bitcoin”, ethereum has “ether”.

Purchase Ethereum using Credit Card: is a reputable exchange that allows anyone to purchase ethereum by paying USD through credit card or debit card.

Register for!

Trade Your Bitcoins for Ethereum at Binance:

Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of volume. Also since this is a trading platform, you will be the one to set your prices for how much you want to buy per ether.

  1. Register for Binance here.
  2. Send your bitcoins from (or from another wallet) to your Binance bitcoin wallet address.
  3. Search for Ethereum on Binance homepage.
  4. Trade your bitcoins for ethereum.
  5. Click here for the steps on how to trade bitcoin for ethereum on Binance.

Update: Mar. 27, 2018: Buy Ether through now allows users to buy ether through its iPhone, Android, and web apps. To know more, please check this article:

(Update: Feb 15, 2018) Buy Ether Over-the-Counter in the Philippines

You can now buy ethereum over-the-counter in the Philippines, thanks to in partnership with accredited money changers and remittance stores:

(Update: Feb. 8, 2018) Buy Ether through! is currently testing its buy ether platform. Check out this article to learn more!

Buy Ether at Abra

Important Note according to Abra:

Abra is a bitcoin wallet, so our underlying currency is bitcoin. When you use Abra to invest in ether, you’ll still be holding bitcoin, but you’ll have a contract that will give you exposure to the price changes of ether. If the value of ether goes up, you’ll gain more bitcoin. If the value of ether goes down you’ll lose bitcoin. Either way, the amount of ether you’re holding will stay the same.

You can now get ether at Abra. The process is almost similar to buying bitcoin at Abra. But just so you do not need to check the previous link, here are the short steps:

  1. Fund your PHP Wallet in Abra.
    1. Go to your Abra app to make sure you put the name of your bank or get the details of the Tambunting pawnshop where you can cash in.
    2. Once the fund is on your PHP wallet in Abra, proceed to convert it to ether.
  2. You can also use your BTC Wallet
    1. Transfer funds to your BTC wallet by:
      1. Converting an amount to from your Peso Wallet
      2. or transfer BTC from another BTC address
    2. Proceed to convert your BTC into ether.

For the steps above, test it with small amounts first! The instructions above are straight from Abra themselves. They mentioned 2 – 4 business days before the amount gets debited to your wallet. You may contact Abra here for any queries. (Update Dec. 22, 2017 – Note that to get Ether out of Abra, you must convert it to Bitcoin first then transfer to an external BTC wallet. Thank you to commenter Janus to mention that information).

Buy Ether at Cryptocurrency Exchanges

You can buy ether at cryptocurrency exchanges. In the steps below, we used Bittrex to buy our ether. Bittrex is the 3rd largest cryptocurrency exchange and a lot of altcoins are traded there. We have articles on how to proceed from buying altcoins at Bittrex.

  1. How to fund your Bittrex account with your bitcoin from and other PH bitcoin sites
  2. How to buy altcoins at Bittrex for beginners

Steps in Buying at Bittrex

These steps will detail the procedure from to Bittrex and finally to your ether wallet.

  1. You must first have the following accounts:
    1. You first must have an account on or
    2. Have an account on your chosen bitcoin exchange site, for this example, we will go with Bittrex.
    3. Create your own wallet at
  2. Fund your account then convert it to bitcoin.
  3. Send the bitcoin from to your Bittrex bitcoin wallet.
    1. Make sure you click your bitcoin wallet on Bittrex to know your Bitcoin wallet address there.
  4. Buy Ethereum at Bittrex with your bitcoin there.
  5. Depending on what amount you are comfortable, send the Ethereum to your own ether wallet (the one you created on My Ether Wallet).

Buy Ethereum at Quoinex

Quoinex is a cryptocurrency exchange service based in Singapore that supports Philippine Fiat (Philippine Peso). Update 12/6/2017: The Quoinex Platform is a bit slow on Google Chrome these days. We recommend trying other exchanges such as Bittrex or CX if you want to buy ethereum.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Verify your account by submitting required documents, such as government IDs.
  3. Once you are verified, you can fund your account. You can easily see the link to this at the top of the Quoinex page.
  4. The easiest way to buy ether in the Philippines is through Quoinex’s Quick Exchange. A link is also on top of the Quoinex homepage.
    1. Select your PHP money and convert into BTC
    2. Use your BTC in your Quionex account to buy ETH
    3. Select Ethereum as the coins you want to get.
    4. Click exchange!

Other ways to Buy Ethereum

  1. You can buy Ether at other exchange sites, but since we tried it at Bittrex and Quoinex, they are the ones we used in this article.
  2. You can join FB groups where you can negotiate and do meetups (and subsequently trade ethers).
    1. At, you can buy Ether with your credit card.
    1. Fund your account then convert it to bitcoin.
    2. Open
    3. It will ask you what are the coins you will convert:
      1. For “Deposit”, click “Bitcoin”
      2. For “Receive”, click “Ethereum”
    4. Next, it will ask your refund bitcoin address and the Etherium wallet address. You should have an Ether wallet in My Ether Wallet.
    5. After that, it will ask you to send the BTC amount to a wallet address.
    6. Once that is confirmed, Shapeshift will convert the BTC you paid into Ethereum. It will be delivered immediately on your Ether wallet.

Why can’t I just keep my Ether at exchanges?

You are trusting the exchanges of your Ethereum because they have your private keys, not you. In the event that the exchange site gets hacked, all your coins (and investment) will be gone. It is common practice to put your coins in a wallet and only keep it in the exchanges the amount you will use for trading.

  • Tip: After buying ether on the exchanges, depending on your risk appetite, move the coins out of the exchange and put it in your own ethereum wallet (You have this when you signed up for My Ether Wallet).

List of Ethereum Wallets

Website Cryptocompare lists the following wallets that support Ether:

Can I keep my Ether at

Update March 27, 2018: Yes!

Can I trade Ether in person?

You can definitely do that. You can join Facebook Ethereum Groups based in the Philippines and negotiate before meeting in person. Of course, you have to be wary of those kinds of transactions. Make sure you have vetted the person you are transacting to before giving money to them.

And that’s it. Above are the steps to buy Ethereum currently in the Philippines. While definitely not as convenient as bitcoin, Ethereum is a really popular cryptocurrency that we should get interested to.

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  • Junel Kadatar says:

    Good morning sir, i have successfully transferred bitcoin from to bittrex, if ever i gained enough income how would i transfer it back to, thanks

    • Mike Mike says:

      If you bought ethereum, you cannot send it back to because Coins doesn’t support ethereum.

      But if you have began buying bitcoin straight on bittrex, you can send those coins back to your bitcoin wallet address.

  • Ej says:

    so meaning we have to sell the ether in bittrex and buy bitcoins then trnsfer to coins,ph?

    • Mike Mike says:

      It’s possible to do that, but if you buy ether, it’s better if you transfer those ethers to the wallet you created via myetherwallet and hold it until the value goes up (meaning if its value is more than how much you buy it). I don’t think it makes sense (given the current market – nov 2017 – for both btc and eth) to convert it back to btc since you used btc to buy it.

      Edit. Also, Abra, an app operating in the Philippines will support Eth soon.

  • Sam Sanchez says:

    So if I bought ethereum I need to find a legit/secured ethereum wallet right? and if I wanted to withdraw all of my ethereum here in the philippines I have to convert/exchange it to bitcoins and that’s the only time I can transfer it to

    Please help coz I want to focus on Ethereum.

    • Mike Mike says:

      Yes. What’s important is that once you decide to sell your eth, I guess it should be at that point where there is already profit – buy low sell high – Sell your ether on a value that is more than the amount you pay for it. Also, you might want to wait as Abra will launch their Ether wallet very soon (so no need to convert back to btc and transfer back to Coinsph)

      • Ej says:

        This is really Helpful. I want to focus on ether as well. Just waiting for BTC to correct then I’ll buy from

      • Ej says:

        Whats your alternative for aside from abra? and how can we buy btc using credit card?

        • Mike Mike says:

          Our guide listed as a way to buy bitcoin using a credit card. They do have some minimum amount though.

          The alternative for coins, abra, etc are exchanges, like bittrex, quoinex, and so on. We should have a guide this week on understanding exchanges (part of our intermediate guide to buying cryptocurrency). 🙂 Please stay tuned!

          And if you have topics you want us to cover, just let us know. And lastly, thank you for raising these questions. 🙂

  • sixto emmanuel francisco says:

    Sir kamusta naman yung experience nyo sa Quoinex tungkol sa pag cash-in, cash-out, at pag exchange?

    • Mike Mike says:

      Lately medyo slow si Quoinex Platform sa Google Chrome. For now, we recommend going to another cryptocurrency exchange, such as Bittrex.

  • Eoj09 says:

    Good day sir/mam

    Pupwede po ba magstore ng ether sa MyEtherWallet using abra?

    • Mike Mike says:

      Hello, I changed phone and haven’t reinstall abra yet ^_^ so I can’t check. As long as there’s an option to send ETHER to another Ether Address, then it should work. As always, test things with small amounts first. Bitcoin and Ether are experiencing increased user growth. If something goes wrong, the customer support might be slow.

    • Mike Mike says:

      Hello. Update lang. Mukang di pala pwede. A comment from Janus pointed it out. We’ll update the article to include that information.

  • janus says:

    Don’t use abra. You cannot send/receive eth using abra. If you are going to widraw your eth you will have to convert to bitcoin first then transfer to external bitcoin wallet.

    • Mike Mike says:

      Hello. I have not yet reinstalled Abra on my phone that’s why I cannot verify it. That’s why I said to EOj09 above that as long as there’s an option to send, then you can send.

      Your comment, though, led me to a comment on the Abra bog

      So thanks for pointing it out.

    • Mike Mike says:

      If there’s one disadvantage it could be that you will miss on the upcoming forks in the ethereum network (if there’s one). Abra is still a good way to get into ether if there’s no other option. It’s the closest thing we have right now to purchase ether without the hassle of dealing with foreign exchanges and the coinsph to bittrex transfer. Again, thank you for adding valuable input here in Bitpinas!

  • Cyril Cadangdang says:

    Ask ko lang po, pwede ba magsend ng ETH from to

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