Standard Chartered Forecasts Bitcoin Price at $200K by December 2025

Predictions circulate for Bitcoin’s future value, with analyses from financial institutions like Standard Chartered Bank forecasting a potential surge to over $200,000 by 2025, contingent on the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC.

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  • Standard Chartered Bank forecasts Bitcoin’s price to exceed $200,000 by the end of 2025, contingent on the approval of spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the SEC. 
  • The prediction draws parallels with historical gold price surges post-gold ETF approval, suggesting rapid Bitcoin price growth over a shorter period.
  • Other Crypto figures also predicted a potential crypto “super cycle,” projecting Bitcoin to reach a new all-time high of $200,000.

Contingent on the approval of spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Standard Chartered Bank forecasts that Bitcoin’s price will surpass $200,000 by the end of 2025.  

Standard Chartered Bank Bitcoin Price Forecast

The prediction compared the expected growth of Bitcoin to historical gold price surges observed after the approval of gold ETFs. 

Drawing a parallel with the introduction of the first US-based gold ETP in 2004, the report expects Bitcoin to experience similar price gains, potentially reaching $200,000 by the end of 2025. The comparison suggests that BTC’s price surge, driven by ETF approval, could be more rapid over a shorter period due to the expected quicker development of the BTC ETF market. 

The bank also noted confidence in the ability of spot Bitcoin ETFs to attract significant capital, reflecting a growing reliance on these investment instruments in the cryptocurrency domain.

“This is consistent with our end-2024 view of Bitcoin at the $100,000 level. If ETF-related inflows materialise as we expect, we think an end-2025 level closer to $200,000 is possible. This assumes that between 437,000 and 1.32mn new bitcoins will be held in spot US ETFS by end-2024. In USD terms, this should be roughly $50-100 billion,” the report reads.

A Bitcoin ETF is a financial instrument allowing investors to access Bitcoin through traditional stock exchanges. Functioning as an investment fund, it tracks Bitcoin’s value and is traded like a stock. Bitcoin Spot ETFs provide direct ownership for activities like staking and governance, closely aligning with spot market prices. However, they share drawbacks such as market volatility, making them less suitable for risk-averse investors, and custody challenges related to securing private keys, which can be complex and risky.

BTC at $200k Predictions

Before 2023 ended, crypto figures trader Ran Neuner and analyst Dave the Wave, are indicating potential for a crypto “super cycle,” propelling Bitcoin to a new all-time high of $200,000.

Crypto trader Ran Neuner discusses factors suggesting an impending crypto “super cycle” that could propel Bitcoin to a new all-time high of $200,000. Neuner highlights three converging factors: supply shock, increasing demand, and the onset of a new global liquidity cycle. 

He anticipates a three-fold increase in the Bitcoin price due to the likelihood of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval, rising demand, and the impending Bitcoin reward halving in April 2024. In addition, the comparison with the introduction of a gold ETF in 2004 suggests a potential positive impact on Bitcoin’s price over the next few years.

On the other hand, Dave the Wave predicts that Bitcoin will surpass $200,000 by December 2025. His prediction was based on Bitcoin’s monthly MACD indicator where he used Linear Geometric Convolutions (LGCs) to filter out transient volatility and provide long-term projections. He noted that Bitcoin’s recent uptick is attributed to growing optimism for a spot Bitcoin ETF.


Other BTC Projections

In 2024, various crypto market predictions have been outlined by different sources. 

  • VanEck expects a US recession, the arrival of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs, and a post-halving rise in Bitcoin’s price.
  • Forbes contributor Sean Stein Smith anticipates improvements in accounting rules, the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, increased regulatory scrutiny on Tether, and the U.S. banking sector embracing tokenized payments. 
  • Matrixport Research predicts Bitcoin reaching $63,140 by April and $125,000 by year-end, considering historical analysis and macroeconomic factors. 
  • Bitwise Invest envisions Bitcoin trading above $80,000 due to a spot Bitcoin ETF launch and a supply halving, while Ethereum revenue doubles and JPMorgan tokenizes a fund. 

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