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Key Points | March 24, 2024 | $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target

Photo for the Article - Key Points | March 24, 2024 | $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target

Welcome to BitPinas Key Points: Easily digestible news in concise formats for easy reading. Let’s check the latest crypto news stories in the last 24 hours in the Philippines and abroad.

Crypto Price Update

Photo for the Article - Key Points | March 24, 2024 | $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target

Market News

Bitcoin and Ethereum See Price Rebound

After a week of decline, both Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced a surge in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin rose above $65,000, reflecting a 3.11% increase, while Ethereum surpassed the $3,400 mark with a 2.80% gain, that’s before they settled with the prices reflected above. 

Feature News: $1.5 Million Price Target for Bitcoin?

Photo for the Article - Key Points | March 24, 2024 | $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target
  • Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, has reiterated her bullish outlook on bitcoin, labeling it a “financial super highway” and underscoring its pivotal role in emerging markets. Her target price for Bitcoin is $1.5 million.
  • She highlighted bitcoin’s applications in these regions as reasons for considering it partially a risk-off asset.
  • Following Ark Invest’s launch of the ARKB spot bitcoin ETF, Wood pointed out the firm’s keen focus on emerging markets, especially in the context of the global economic turbulence triggered by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes.
  • Her comments came during a conversation at the Bitcoin Investor Day conference in New York, as reported by Helene Braun on March 23, 2024.


U.S. SEC Chair Calls for Increased Scrutiny

During a law conference speech, SEC Chair Gary Gensler emphasized his worries over the unregulated nature of the cryptocurrency industry. He advocated for enhanced regulatory oversight to safeguard investors and promote fair competition, amid a global uptick in regulatory examination by government agencies.


Avalanche Announces Support for Meme Coins

The Avalanche blockchain platform announced a $1 million liquidity mining incentive program to attract meme coins. This move could further drive adoption of the Avalanche network and potentially lead to a resurgence of meme coin popularity.

Web3 Gaming

OKX and Immutable Unveil Gaming Launchpad

This collaboration introduces a GameFi NFT launchpad and incorporates Immutable’s gaming-oriented zkEVM chain into OKX Marketplace and OKX Wallet, aiming to revolutionize the way over 50 million users interact with and access NFTs and digital assets in gaming.

Upcoming Event (Update)

Photo for the Article - Key Points | March 24, 2024 | $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target
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