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How to Play Cyball | NFT Game Beginners Guide

Here is the BitPinas beginners guide about Cyball, introduction and how play the game.

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CyBall is an NFT blockchain game built on the Binance Smartchain (BSC), soon releasing on the Solana network. In the game, decentralized autonomous users (DAUs) need at least three CyBlocs to play matches in a Soccer-like battlefield against other players.  Players gain rewards and experience whenever they win matches; tournaments are available for users who enjoy working together in exchange for grand prizes. Overall, CyBall is aiming to onboard more DAUs to enjoy their game through its free-to-play and play-to-earn gameplay to help others financially and educate them about crypto through their earnings.


CyBlocs are the main NFT characters in CyBall. The rarity of the Cyblocs are categorized into five classes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Legendary. The class determines the range of a CyBloc’s starting Skill and subsequent growth potential.

Traits are the skills of each CyBloc that can be inherited or mentored (bred) to offspring Cybloc. Each CyBloc can possess one to three traits; the greater the traits are, the higher the potential is to win more games. Each trait is also categorized as common, rare and super rare. There are currently 50 traits listed on their whitepaper.

A few examples of CyBloc’s traits are: Team Player (common) where all of the CyBloc’s skills are boosted by +4 when it plays in a Tandem event, Front Runner (rare) where all of the CyBloc’s skills are boosted by +6 if your team is leading at half-time, and National Superstar (super rare) which means for each match, there is a 50% chance that all of this CyBloc’s skills are boosted by +12.

Each CyBloc has skills that can be upgraded whenever it gains 100 experience points. The six footballing skills consist of: Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Crossing, Shooting and Physical.

Photo for the Article - How to Play Cyball | NFT Game Beginners Guide

Each CyBlocs has their own nationality as well, making each one unique from the other.


For PVP gaming, users can either play casually with other users in Exhibitions or join matches in Leagues and Tournaments. CyBloc Battery Token (CBT), the utility token of CyBall, and CyBall Token (CYB), its governance token, are both in-game rewards.

In the game’s Training mode, users go through a 3v3 Battle Stadium and play against a computer to earn experience points. Players can also leave their Cyblocs on the Hire-a-Coach program to passively gain experience points with a corresponding CBT amount.

Users are given 60 energy daily that reset every 8:00 AM, Manila Time. For every Cybloc used in a match, the same number of energy is subtracted. In theory, a three-Cybloc team can play 20 matches a day.


Cyball’s economy revolves around three currencies: Cyboc Battery Token (CBT), Batteries, and Cyball Token (CBT). Each currency differs in utility to serve the Cyball community the best it can. CBTs are earned in the PVP matches and are used to Cybloc owners if they choose to put their heroes up for rent. This token is used for mentoring (breeding) and hire-a-coach (passive leveling up of CyBlocs) mechanics. 

Batteries are in-game currency that are earned in PVP matches and become CBT when claimed by the player. A 1:1 ratio exists between CBTs and Batteries.

​​The governance token of CyBall, on the other hand, is CyBall token (CYB). These tokens are rewarded on Leagues and Tournaments and can be staked by users. This, too, is used for mentoring (breeding).

​Other Features

The CyBall NFT marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFT game assets: CyBlocs, CyPods. Stadiums and CyBloc body parts and wearables.

CyLoans is an automated feature that allows users to loan out their extra CyBlocs to other users who may not afford to buy their team but wants to play the game and earn to be able to purchase their own CyBlocs. The owner can set a duration on how long a scholar can use the CyBlocs. This feature has been available since February 28.

CyDex is CyBall’s decentralized exchange (DEX) for users to be able to trade their CBT and CYB.

CyBall has officially been launched last February 22th. It is on the road to having season 1 soon, so players can expect exciting matches in the upcoming tournaments.

For more information visit their website at https://cyball.com/#.

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