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June 25, 2019 Updated

(Updated June 2019) The Financial Technology Solutions and Offshore Virtual Currency License (FTSOVC) is given to companies that will set up back offices in the economic zone.

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Updated on June 2019 to include more sub-licensees.

Updated on May 7, 2019 to include new sub-licensees. As mentioned previously, will no longer create articles on CEZA licensing unless they are of significant importance.

Updated March 27, 2019. CEZA published the most updated list of licensees, including list of unlicensed fintech entities that act as if they have a license from CEZA.

Updated February 20, 2019. CEZA published the most updated list of licensees.

Updated January 18, 2019. We exclusively obtain from CEZA the updated list of licensees as of January 10, 2018. Please observe proper attribution to our website if you will use this information.

The Philippines’ Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) has 25 offshore cryptocurrency license up for grabs to companies that seek to set up business in the Cagayan Economic Zone in the Philippines. In this article, we list down the companies that have been awarded with that license.

What is an Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchange License?

The Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchange License, or “Financial Technology Solutions and Offshore Virtual Currency License” (FTSOVC License) is granted by CEZA to companies which will be allowed to set up back offices of their virtual currency exchange or crypto and blockchain business in the Cagayan Economic Zone, thereby becoming a locator in the zone.

The license allows them to run the business in the Philippines but must only service users from outside the country. This license allows the company to do crypto to crypto transactions but does not allow the company to facilitate crypto to fiat transactions as that is a separate license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

List of Companies with Financial Technology Solutions and Offshore Virtual Currency License in the Philippines’ CEZA

Updated February 20, 2019: Updated List is published by CEZA on its website.

Update January 18, 2019: This is an exclusive list given to BitPinas by CEZA. The firms are in order in which they obtained their licenses.

Principal License

  1. Golden Millenial Quickpay Inc. Ltd.
  2. Ultra Precise Investment Ltd.
  3. Liannet Technology Ltd.
  4. Rare Earth Asia Technologies Corp.
  5. Formosa Financial Holdings Ltd.
  6. Tanzer Holdings Ltd.
  7. Asia Premiere International Ltd.
  8. Orient Express Global Ltd.
  9. White Ranch Limited Ltd.
  10. Dragon Empire Developments Ltd.
  11. Galaxy Plus Developments Ltd.
  12. Tiger Wheel Ltd.
  13. IPE Global Pte. Ltd.
  14. Cr8tiv Solutions Management Ltd.
  15. Sino-Phil Economic Zone Agency Development and Management Corp.
  16. Digifin Technologies Pte. Ltd.
  17. Hong Kong Yuen Shing Hong Ltd.
  18. First Bullion Holdings Inc
  19. OKCoin Philippines Technology Co. Ltd
  20. 6X Tech Pte Ltd
  21. Increz Korea
  22. Harseq Inc Limited
  23. FAFA Internet Blockchain (China) Co. Ltd
  24. Wangwang Quickpay Foundation Ltd

Regular License – OVCE

  1. Cezex Trading Pte. Ltd.
  2. Unicorn Venture Investment Limited
  3. A&C Fintech Limited
  4. Zipmex Pte. Ltd.
  5. Bird Mouse Co., Ltd.
  6. Adax Tech Limited
    1. Monetium Co. Ltd.
  7. Bitpoint APEC Investment Corp
  8. HXL (HK) Technology Ltd.
  9. Noah Ark Technologies Ltd.
  10. WTIA Pte. Ltdf

Regular License – Financial Technology Solutions Business

  1. EPlata Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  2. Ecoflow Inc.

List of Companies With Pending License Application

Note: This list is from previous reports about the companies that have signed up agreements to set up in the economic zone. (Updated Feb. 20, 2019 to remove Bird Mouse Co., Ltd. as it has been granted a regular license.)

  • Bitventures Inc.
  • Mbex Inc.
  • Idragon Science Development Corp.
  • Seryna Coin Metrics Inc.
  • Lideres Inc.
  • CX Tech Pte. Ltd.
  • CSM Corporation

List of Non-Licensed Entities

CEZA clarified on March 21, 2019 that they have not issued licenses to the following entities as of yet:

  1. Freedom Traders Club, Ploutos Innovation Corporation, Ploutos Innovation Limited, and Ploutos Coin
  2. Hedger Technology, Ltd.
  3. iDragon Science Development Corporation
  4. TEO Consulting Group. Inc , and ECP+
  5. Grace Exchange Inc. Ltd.

According to CEZA, these licenses are only provisional. The agency will closely monitor these companies to ensure that they are complying with the regulations they set up. In a previous report Legal Consultant for CEZA Atty. Mike David ensured that the licensees have gone through very strict security and background checks. There will be routine checks to monitor the activities of the licensees.

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