[Interview] Metahunter Confident in PH Market, Aims to Go Global Amid Bear Market Worries

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By Hans Doringo

“Metahunter is the world’s first multi-product metaverse project, we are aiming to be the largest in the world, but we are also trying to make it very easy to join, and this is accessible to everyone.”

Thus stressed Ryan Teo, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Metahunter, in an exclusive interview with BitPinas, during the web3 platform’s official launching event held last August 27, 2022, at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. 

Metahunter is an “all-in-one super platform,” combining the metaverse and blockchain technology with education, entertainment, finance, gaming, and more. 

In line with its ambition to go global, the blockchain platform decided to venture into the Philippines as it notices the country’s young and vibrant population — a potential market for Metahunter, according to its operation chief

“Generally the Philippines is a country where we can say, demographically-wise, it is one of the youngest in the whole [region] that is actually has a lot of potential, because if you have a young population as a country, new ideas, concepts, new technologies are very easy to pick up and learn,” said Teo. 

However, despite the confidence the team has for the local market, Metahunter’s COO said that there is still a lot of concern about how they will be able to onboard members while the global crypto market is still down and experiencing “freezing-cold winter weather.”

“I think a lot of people are concerned, it’s not just about the crypto market that is currently being affected but I think in general, the economy is being affected by many other things: first, it was the pandemic, then the Russia-Ukraine war, and then subsequently, the US Federal Reserve raising the interest rates… this is the period that is very uncertain for everyone,” Teo added, as he explained what could cause the probable anxiety of Filipinos onboarding into Metahunter.

But regardless of the challenges brought by the bear market, the operations chief remained positive about the endeavors of Metahunter in the country as he cited the history of financial markets:

“What I’m trying to say is that when the markets go down it is time for many people to start looking at opportunities.Short term, I’m very sure it’s not gonna be good, but long term, we need to prepare ourselves for the next technological revolution.”

Meanwhile, when asked about how can they encourage Filipinos to join Metahunter, the COO revealed that compared to other projects, they are trying to make the onboarding process easier and more convenient to do:

“Metahunter, as a ‘beginner-friendly platform,’ aims to deliver Metaverse to a wider range of people who don’t currently have the opportunity and knowledge to participate due to high entry costs and other barriers. To accommodate a larger number of participants, the team is giving the unserved a chance to get into Metaverse at an affordable price, making it easier to onboard the platform.”

He also mentioned three ways a person can join the platform, either as a participant, as an influencer or business, or as a team.

“You do not have to fork up one thousand years to get started, we are targeting something that is more comfortable for most people in the region,” Teo stressed, as Metahunter aims to open new opportunities for unserved participants to become digital natives.

Ryan also discussed joining Metahunter as an influencer or a business:

“We are now actively looking also for businesses to become part of the ecosystem, which means, joining us as a partner we are able to onboard the businesses also. And if you are an influencer, you can also join us as a partner to spread the news, to spread awareness, to spread education.”

Lastly, he also explained joining the platform as a team where they are “looking out for people who have the interest to try something new.”

Overall, the team assured the community that they are confident that things will work out for Metahunter in the country since they are made up of people who have previously worked in the country. 

In fact, according to the team, about five or six years ago, Allen Tan Chee Hoe, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Metahunter, founded a company in the Philippines called Findwork, a recruitment platform with over 4 million verified and certified users that connects underserved personnel to working opportunities. 

“I think we are quite familiar with the market and how thing work here, that’s why we are comfortable starting here also and then one of the things that many people do not realize is that actually for NFT holders globally people who are from the Philippines actually comprised of about 40 percent globally, that is a very big market, I think its a good place to start,” Teo concluded.

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